Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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The Rise of the Concordia

After 20 months of laying slumped on her side where the cowardly captain left her to rust having sailed too close to the shore to show off, the Costa Concordia has finally and successfully been risen back into her upright position. The balcony's which once gave it's passengers a thrilling view of the ocean and exotic lands were crumpled, rusted and discoloured having spent all that time crushed against rocks under water. In the Spring of 2014 the ship will begin to be dismantled and sent for scrap having been thoroughly searched for the last two missing passengers from that fateful night. 

I secretly hope there is a documentary being filmed about all this, I would find it both fascinating and sad to watch. 

Sexy Crop Tops for 8 year old's?

In the papers this week there has been an article about crop tops being bought for girls as young as 8. I know girls long to be years older than they are when they are still only knee high but tantrum or no tantrum these girls are still too young and innocent (hopefully) to understand just what kind of message clothes can give off. It is down to the parents to say no and make sure their young children are NOT going out looking like a 'ten to two girl' in a nightclub. They will have plenty of time to experiment with fashion and skirt lengths in their teens but at least they will be a little bit more savvy as to what they power of flashing flesh can do. Crop tops are very fashionable right now as are hot pants and can look stylish and sleek worn in the right way but on an 8 year old they are no no's. 

Latest U.S. Shooting

There isn't much that can be said about this is there? It feels like it wasn't that long ago we were hearing about the last tragedy. What will it take for the USA to realise that something needs to be done to the gun laws over there to stop innocent lives being taken unnecessarily. Something needs to be done and quick.

Bodies in the lake

I can't help but be fascinated (and of course saddened) when reading about the discovery of two cars, each containing three skeletons that have been discovered in Lake Foss near Elk City in the U.S. They have been there for over FORTY YEARS and were only discovered by chance when Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers were testing new sonar tools and tracing the bottom of the lake. I am a bit macabre sometimes and often wonder what lies beneath huge lakes and the sea as well in forests and wastelands. There are many many missing people out there from thousands of years ago and they all have to be hidden somewhere. I hope the families of these missing people are still alive to finally learn of their missing loved ones fates and lay them to rest along with the years of pain wondering where they were. 

Gwyneth's bush

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow was quizzed over her bikini line after having previously admitted she enjoyed rocking 'the 70's look' down there. Her close friend Cameron Diaz also admitted in a separate interview that it was so bad she and some other girlfriends once ambushed (excuse the choice of words) her after she had had a bath to trim it down. EW! I am all for girls being close, not being afraid to talk about or show each other their body parts but do we need to hear about it? It is great to bond with your girlfriends but no one else wants to know! It's like soppy loved up couples who share constant sickly status's on Facebook or lovesick snaps on Instragram. It's your life, you live it how you want and we are all glad you're enjoying it but no one else cares, stop shoving it in our faces. TMI indeed.

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