Thursday, 26 September 2013

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Each week I share my thoughts about some of the news stories that have caught my eye these last seven days.....


Since being the victim of a horrendous and barbaric acid attack arranged by a spurned ex-boyfriend, Katie Piper has gone from strength to strength. She has rebuilt her life and confidence bit by bit and is probably one of the very few people in the public eye I admire whole heartily. She has learnt so much from her attack and it has made her a different person. She has her own charity and also does so much for many other charity's, she is a true inspiration and also a walking example of how amazing plastic surgery can be in this advanced day and age we live in. Now the 30 year old campaigner and TV presenter has announced the wonderful news that she is expecting her first child with her partner of two years. She has said the news is 'beyond incredible' and that at one point in her life she never thought it would happen for her. Congratulations Katie, you deserve all the happiness in the world.


Apparently some scientists are calling for more research into the long term affects of tattoo's because they believe they could cause cancer. The theory is that toxins from the tattoo ink could be absorbed into the blood and then into major organs, harming the bodies ability to filter impurities. You know what I say? According to all these different researches, EVERYTHING gives you cancer. Just to be safe and ensure you protect yourself it is best you avoid alcohol, chocolate, aerosols, car fumes, air fresheners, food, carbonated drinks,, life, air, laughter and anything else you might do in your everyday life.


It is so very sad when you hear of a child going missing and even sadder when it has an outcome such as that of April Jones who went missing nearly a year ago was murdered by evil Mark Bridger for what reason we still do not know. Now her family, friends and the community can lay what little remains they have left of April to rest. Aside from the sheer sadness of this case, the one thing that has struck me is the sheer community spirit we have witnessed throughout this whole ordeal. This village loves and cares for one another and they help each other out in times of great need. One villager on TV this morning commented that the whole community would be rallying around April's family to help them get through today and the coming months and I truly have no doubt that they will.


The estranged half sister of actress Lindsay Lohan has apparently undergone plastic surgery to look more like her famous elder sibling. Ashley Horn, 18 and Lohan, 27, share the same father after he had an affair with Ashley's mother while still married to Lindsay's. He has commented that he is not in touch with Ashley after having had a row with her mother but that she is so desperate for her daughter to be a star it wouldn't surprise him if she were behind this strange and creepy decision. It seems anyone to do with Lindsay's family are a little bit crazy!


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