Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Work Shirker.

The title of this post says it all really.

We have all been there haven't we? The work is piling up, the phone won't stop ringing, the emails seem to be coming in faster than you can read them and everyone is stressed. Then there is that one colleague who it seems to sweep over. They breeze in and out of the office as they please when they should be chained to their desk just like you are, they are texting or emailing their friends or making endless cups of coffee (yes, everyone needs a tea break but I mean taking it to the extreme) or are outside for endless cigarette breaks they aren't entitled to. They do half the work load that you are yet moan about it a hell of a lot more and despite doing a lot less and being much less stressed they get a hell of a lot more wrong than anyone else. 

This my friend is the work shirker.

They are everywhere. In offices, in coffee shops, clothes shops, design studios, I.T. departments, M.O.T. garages, call centres, you name a place of work and one of them lurks there. Nine times out of ten they are also the loveliest person too which makes it even harder to broach the subject of their lack of work ethic. They are the kind of person who makes you laugh and chats to you about your weekend or your problems and you may even socialise with them out of work. The problem isn't their personality the problem is their attitude to work. Everyone is a different person in the workplace. Even if you work with your best friends and love all of your colleagues and having a chat with them, 9-5 Monday - Friday, if you are a good worker then you know the moment you sit at your desk, open up the shop or pop open the customers car bonnet, it is time to work!

Idle workers don't just put an extra strain on your workload they cost companies thousands too. If they aren't getting the correct amount of work done in a day that they should be then overtime is needed from those who are willing to get it done.

And if you can't place having ever worked with a work shirker then there is a chance that maybe it is you! ;)

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