Monday, 9 September 2013

This Weekend...

I haven't really done much at all this weekend, despite now being over 14 weeks pregnant and at the part where I should be feeling amazing once more, I still feel shit! The amount I have slept and napped is ridiculous and Saturday I felt so sick my stomach was actually in pain. Sunday I had more energy but it was accompanied by a pounding migraine! There was no winning for me at all and that is why lately I have enjoyed not having any plans at all so I know that if I want to I can just sleep or veg out whenever I need to. WHINGE OVER I PROMISE.

We did have some family over Friday night though so did do something sociable. Hubby cooked an amazing lamb rogan josh curry from scratch along with home made onion bhaji's which was delicious! Always lovely to have people over for dinner and cook them something yummy even if the amount of washing up and mess left in the kitchen after does make you go 'ARGH!'.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, we are away next weekend for our second wedding anniversary which we are both extremely looking forward to so were happy to chill out and not do much. I popped to see my Grandad yesterday morning because he goes into hospital for an operation this morning. I am picking him up later and taking him home which is nice because then I can see how is feeling etc. and not be thinking about it all day.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Looking a bit grey out there today....Autumn is on it's way!

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