Monday, 2 September 2013

Time for a change.

 After about three years (maybe more actually!) of having individual eyelash extensions I decided last week I fancied a change and had them removed. It wasn't quite on a whim, I had been umming and ahhing about it for a couple of weeks before making the final decision and as much as nearly a week later I still think my eyes looks wierd (and smaller!) I am happy that I made the decision.
My husband had read somewhere that a bit later on in pregnancy I might find my eyes getting dry a lot quicker and so contact lenses wouldn't be as comfortable to wear, he also read the changes going on in my body can cause the shape of my pupil to change making them uncomfortable to wear (I really don't know if this is true!?) If my eyes do become tired and dry because of lenses then I want to be able to wear my glasses without any issues and that isn't really possible with eyelash extensions. On Friday night I took my contacts out, gave them a good clean then put them away for the weekend and lived in my glasses which was lovely and gave my eyes a well deserved break! Today I have my lenses in for work and they feel amazing! My eyes feel refreshed.
I also fancied a change of look and have got quite back into liquid eyeliner again which you can't apply with eyelash extensions. My extensions we SO good, so curly, long and thick that putting on liquid liner meant I ended up smothering the lashes and clumping them up.
The third reason for the change is that I want to start swimming a couple of times a week and while I won't be putting my head underwater because of wearing lenses I won't be so bothered about being splashed or if my head does briefly go under.
I know I will miss them on certain occassions, right now my own lashes are quite short and need to grow back and once they do I will invest in a great mascara to achieve a nice thick, long lash look (suggestions welcome!?) and I am sure that for weddings and other special occassions I might treat myself and have them done but for now it is back to a more natural look. I am quite looking forward to seeing my lash lady Vicky socially too as we have become good friends rather than chatting with her while laying down with my eyes closed!
Anyone else made a big beauty decision lately or changed a beauty habit that had become a bit of a comfort blanket?

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