Thursday, 5 September 2013

Who is: Fazane Malik

When attending the High Street Fashion Week press penthouse event earlier this year I was very lucky to meet the lovely and talented Fazane Malik. A name I think you will soon know very well indeed!


While there were and are some amazing new brands showcasing their work (and who are rightly now going from strength to strength) Fazane Malik stood out for me because of her definitive take on modern trends. Adorning her rails were limited edition, classic items of clothing made of the finest materials in key colours such as black or charcoal so you are able to invest in a beautiful item of clothing that will go with so many different outfits and last you season after season - just like you would with your more recognised designers such as Burberry or Diane von Furstenberg.

Items that stood out for me were a beautiful smoky sheer silk blouse (very fashionable right now) with very classic detailing and finishing around the collar and buttons. Another item that stood out for me on the website were the 'Nicola' dungarees. They too have been very fashionable this year but this pair were stylish, black, sleek and feminine - almost formal!  Perfect with a beautiful blouse underneath and some sling backs and a chunky necklace or a lace cream top and shoes. A whole new take on the dungaree trend.

Since High Street Fashion Week I have kept my eye on Fazane Malik and her latest designs by following her on both Twitter and Instagram and am very honoured to say that she has shared the very latest shots for her AW13 collection with me, to share with you lucky readers... whats more, if you fancy investing in some gorgeous key items for your wardrobe you get 20% discount off of NON SALE items by using the code #kinickie20% and 10% off of SALE ITEMS using the discount code #nicki10% after clicking the link to her website at the end of this post.
Here I have picked out some of my fave outfits from the AW13 shoot (which was very hard!). I love Autumn and Winter, I can't help it! It is lovely to have the hot sun shining on your skin and light mornings in the Summer don't get me wrong but I always feel fashion is better in the colder months. I love darker colours too! Fazane Maliks stunning and feminine clothes will look gorgeous in the colder months.


REMMEE TOP: £99.00 / SAMEENA SKIRT: £149.00

MARY DRESS: £99.00

SAMEENA: £149.00

It was hard to pick a few shots but I wanted to show firstly the versatility of some of her pieces (such as the Sameena being worn as both a skirt and dress) as well as the variations in style. All are feminine, sexy and wardrone staples but some are also a bit edgy. The kind of look I love!

Visit Fazane's website:
Follow her on Twitter: @fazane_malik and on Instsagram: Fazane Malik

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