Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Who is: Leren Connor

A while back you will remember me writing about the brands I was most looking forward to seeing at High Street Fashion Week and if you read them all you will remember me mentioning Leren Connor (if not you can read that post HERE.)

Sadly, High Street Fashion Week proved to be a let down for many designers, one of which was Leren and so she pulled out of the event and I didn't get to see her designs on the catwalk.We have kept in touch though via Twitter and email and now she has a new collection out I wanted to share them with you. They are very different to the last collection and Leren is very pleased and excited about them.

What impresses me most about Leren isn't just her creative flair but the fact that she is still a fashion student at University AND a Mum on top of being a designer. She is proof that if you have a dream, a passion and you want to work hard for it then you can. She makes me feel exhausted when I just imagine what a typical week for her is like but it goes to show, anything is possible and if you want it badly enough and work hard enough, you can achieve anything!

Of her new collection 'Booted not Suited' Leren says:

''I decided to play around with the title and called it ‘booted not suited’ because I wanted to create something different for the working woman with a concept of being a bit more out there rather than being typical and sticking to the normality of work wear.''

I think you will agree the collection does exactly that. I love how quirky the designs are while still being feminine and fun. I love my wardrobe to be full of bright colours and unique and unusual designs so just love Leren's creations and her latest designs show she has grown in confidence and is pushing the boundaries more. It has paid off too, the new stuff is fab!

SKULLS: This creation represents a tattoo artist.

I love this dress, what a quirky take on the net /lace dresses we have seen this year. It is cute, girly and sexy all at the same time.

COMIC STRIP: This design represents fashion designers.

This different take on the classic peplum top which has been a firm wardrobe favourite for a while now once again gives it a fun, colourful look with a girly, feminine touch from the lace. I love how fun the comic strip pattern makes the top look.

COMIC STRIP: Once again representing fashion designers.

This two piece is absolutely awesome! Eye catching, colourful and quirky. It screams 'Look at me!' for all of the right reasons. The shape of the jacket is actually very classic but the vibrant purple and comic strip pattern give it the ultimate modern update. 

BOOKS: To represent a librarian.

Words cannot describe how much I love this dress. This dress is a bit of me. I love dresses of all shapes, looks and designs and now feel my wardrobe would not be complete without this beauty. It has a classic look in the shape with an instant individual look in the finishing book pattern. I love it!

TEAPOTS: To represent a waitress.

Another dress my wardrobe is missing. This is gorgeous! So versatille too worn with a blouse as shown in this picture or on it's own in warmer weather and even with a waist belt around the middle. 


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