Thursday, 24 October 2013


I know I am ridiculously late in participating in this trend, in fact brogues are probably unfashionable now as they have been around for so long but despite always lusting after them and loving the quirky finish they give to an outfit whenever I saw someone strut past wearing them, I never took the plunge and bought a pair. TIL NOW.

I had been wanting to buy a pair over the last couple of months, then the urge got much more intense than usual and after reading another bloggers post about an ASOS sale, I spotted on her wish list a pair of brown brogues  reduced from £35 to £21. That was it, I bought them! And here they are on my feetys.

My husband absolutely detests brogues. Anything a little masculine he can't stand so he doesn't understand why I love them so much but with my long hair, tea dresses and girly make up I don't think there is any risk of someone accidentally calling me 'Sir' anytime soon! The nice thing about my hubby is that despite his dislike for them, he knows I love them so would never put me off wearing them. I do think he has secretly warmed to them.

What do you think? Am I the last woman on the planet to buy a pair of brogues? Are they still as trendy as they once were? (I don't actually care, these are gonna be one of my fave pair Autumn flat's).

(This purchase was a little while ago now, I must admit I have been slow in blogging about them so they may not be available online anymore.)


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