Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dinner with friends.

Saturday night some close friends came over for dinner.

Saturday morning I had gotten up super early (6am) because hubby had been awake since 5 and woke me up so when he got up to go and work some overtime I thought I may as well get up and get the housework out of the way. Anyway, I digress....

Saturday night we had some close friends over for dinner and it was lovely. They have a gorgeous little boy Noah who is already nearly 8months old and it was nice to catch up and have a giggle with his parents as well as make a fuss of him.

I had no clue what I was going to cook which is unusual for me. If I know people are coming for dinner then I know days in advance what I am going to cook. I don't feel sick or queasy anymore at all but even so, still feel I have to decide what I fancy on the actual day rather than plan in advance. I decided to get a chicken to roast (marinaded in a home made marinade with garlic, pasata, paprika and other stuff) mustard mash and pan fried cabbage. Perfect! Easy to make but still yummy comfort food.

There was a teeny weeny little disaster when I took the chicken out of the oven and it looked burnt! It had been left in a little longer than it should have been so I was a bit worried we may be phoning for a takeaway when they got over but luckily there was no compromise on the flavour and it didnt taste burnt one bit, it just had that delicious smoked paprika taste! Yummm. To the mash I added mustard, butter, a little bit of grated cheese and fried onions and pan fried the cabbage with smoked bacon and seasoned with a little salt. It turned out really nice and most importantly out guests enjoyed it!

Lovely Sarah said she can't wait for our littlun to arrive and I must admit when we plan little things such as a long weekend away next summer with the kids it does make me excited too! (Not that I am not excited already).

I had quite a busy Saturday as I did housework and shopping early doors then my Mum popped over for a quick cuppa and then my sister in law Shelby came over in the afternoon as she wanted me to dye my hair. Sunday is going to be much more chilled out. I think I am going to have a pamper afternoon in fact: deep condition my hair, scrub my skin, paint my nails...etc. etc. I can't wait!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday and has an equally great Sunday!

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