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Thursday, 3 October 2013

HOW I STYLE MY HAIR: Step by step from wet to dry.

**WARNING: Post contains make up free photos**

I am very flattered to say that I often get complimented on my hair, especially the style - when I actually take the time to style it and don't just leave it to dry into a frizzy mess - so I thought I would write a post about how I style it step by step from washing it to when it's dry, for anyone who is interested in nabbing any tips!

The products I use are all VO5 so I just wanted to point out firstly that that is just because I am a big fan of them and not because they have asked me to write a review.


This step may seem to be pointless as we all know how to wash hair but bear with! I have picked up a couple of little tips over the years which I thought I would share. Before washing, I always make sure my hair is brushed thoroughly, if it has product like hairspray in or if it back combed I brush it with a soft bristle brush to avoid snagging and damage. I always go for a shampoo and conditioner that promises to add shine or smooth your hair or repair split ends / damaged hair simply because I feel with it being long and thick and having colour on the ends it is always prone to drying out, getting tangled or snapping. I read once that it is a good idea not to stick with the same brand of shampoo and conditioner so I always chop and change what I buy when I run out. Apparently it is because your hair can get used to a brand over time and therefore you don't get the full benefit. I obviously shampoo then condition but tend to leave the conditioner on for five minutes while I wash the rest of me then wash it out. Before jumping out of the shower I turn the water to cold and just give my hair a quick blast to add extra shine and health. 


Once I am out of the shower and dried etc. I towel dry my hair until it is no longer dripping and then spray on heat protection spray, paying particular attention to the ends. I then brush it thoroughly and leave it to air dry naturally as it has natural waves and I want to keep as much of the texture and shape of my hair as possible and also avoid putting too much heat on it by blow drying it from wet. You're meant to blow dry your hair when it is almost dry anyway for best results and so as not to damage your hair and I do find this method gives the best results. If I ever blow dry it from soaking it never looks as nice and goes frizzy and feels dry no matter what I use on it. 

(My hair nearly dry; as you can see it actually looks dry, you literally want to have it 90% dry before using the hair dryer)


Once it is almost dry, I put some frizz free creme through the ends, brush and then blow dry starting with my fringe as it is the shortest bit of hair and so is the driest at this point. Because I wash my hair at night usually I just finish off the style by running some serum through it; I put a couple of squirts in my palm and rub my hands together thoroughly so the excess is gone and run it through starting with the underneath. Once that's done I leave doing anything else until the morning to let it 'calm down' .Why blow dry it rather than let it just dry naturally completely? By finishing it off with the blow dryer I make it smoother and sleeker, because my hair is thick and coarse if it dries naturally it goes frizzy, looks and feels dry and lacks shine. As you can see from the below photo, the waves have stayed and the shape and texture of my hair is still there. All I have done here is quickly straighten my fringe as I can't stand it flicking out at the sides even if I am just sitting on the sofa!! (and added the serum of course!)

(Hair is now dry and fringe tamed, ready for bed!)



The next morning, when it comes to doing my hair I simply give a good brush through, and then use my GHD's to style, again working with my hairs natural flow. Some parts of my hair dry really straight and others don't. The parts that are straight I add a wave too so there is texture there but keep the wave loose and with the more wavy parts, curl it bit tighter (it will drop a bit throughout the day anyway) again I add some serum paying particular attention to the ends and then before I am done, I spray on 'Tame and Shine Spray' which gives it shine, makes it feel smooth and accentuates the waves and curls.

(Finished hair, as you can see it has texture and SHINE, it feels smooth too)

Sometimes, if I fancy it I put Velcro rollers in for an hour in the morning to add some volume to the root but most of the time leave them for if I am going out in the evening after work or at weekends. If you haven't tried them before they are a great purchase and you can pick them up cheap in places like Primark. When applying them, make sure you start at the crown as this is the easiest point and don't try and wrap a section of hair thicker than the roller around it otherwise it won't work. Sometimes I add a little hairspray to the root before applying the roller too. Once they are all in I give them a quick blast of heat with the hairdryer then spray all over with hairspray. Then I leave them in as long as possible. Once it comes to the time to take them out I gently remove them, brush my hair through and add a little more serum to the ends. I finish of with shine spray.

And there you have it! 

I hope I have helped anyone who is looking for a new method to drying their hair or for some new products to try out on their hair - I think the VO5 ones are fab and great value for money. I realise that my hair type will not be the same as everyone else's but I definitely think the method of leaving your hair to dry as much as possible before finishing it off with the hair dryer will work for a lot of people because you are working with the natural shape your hair takes whether it is straight or curly. I would love to hear of anyone else's hair tips and would even love to hear if anyone is going to try out any of my methods. It isn't anything too special just ways I have come to find best in which to dry and style my hair, if you too have thick or frizzy hair you may hopefully find some of my tips and methods helpful.

N.B. If you are unsure about any styling methods such as using your straighteners to create waves or how to apply rollers I thoroughly recommend watching demo's on YouTube. They are brilliant! I always search YouTube for ideas or methods if I am unsure how to do anything.

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