Thursday, 10 October 2013

It is the same every year....

Does anyone else find themselves saying the same things around this time of year? Or is it just me...?
Things such as:
''Look, it's not even 7 yet and it's already dark.''
''Isn't it dark in the mornings when we get up now?
''It's getting cold out there, definitely not summer anymore.''
''Soon be Christmas''
Is it just me? We all know the clocks are going to go back, we all know that because it is October now getting up at 6am isn't the same as getting up at 6am in June but STILL we comment on it. I even find myself cringing as any of the above words drop out of my mouth and promise myself that next year I will not say it but I do say it, every year I say it and I am pretty sure every coming year I will say it. My classic line of 2013 has definitely got to be:
''Hasn't this year flown by?!''
That sentence has sponsored 2013 for me. Another silly sentence that has been muttered every single year since time began. This year really DOES feel as though it has passed in the blink of an eye though, quicker than any other years so far (which scares me slightly as I hear they only ever get quicker as you get older, I'll be 54 next week at this rate!).
On Sunday we will have lived in our house a year which is crazy. Next year my sister in law will be 21 and it seems five minutes ago we were celebrating her turning 18 (ten minutes ago that she was telling me about starting secondary school) I am already 19 weeks pregnant so one more week and I will be half way, THAT'S SCARY. My Dad is 55 this month and I am pretty sure we have only just taken down the decorations for him turning 50. All these little things make you realise how quickly time flies by which I guess is why I am always making the same silly comments. Despite the fact it is the same every year it is frightening how quickly it comes around again?!
Today definitely feels like an Autumnal day. Blustery and cold, it is making me want to buy a thick woolly hat!
Definitely NOT summer out there anymore......

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