Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Maternity OOTD #2: Minty

Firstly I would like to apologise that these aren't the greatest of photo's! As you can see they were taken last night in the conservatory because thanks to the clocks going back it is getting darker earlier and my hubby wasn't home until the sunlight was long gone. I had thrown this ensemble together yesterday for work and felt really nice in it and was quite pleased with the finished look though so had to share it! (Plus I had done my hair for a change as it is usually messily scrapped back into a bun so it seemed best not to wait until another time).
This mint chunky knit jumper was a particularly great find for me as they had a jumper just like this one in Topshop in the Spring and I instantly fell in love with the colour. I do love a jumper or cardy but because it was Spring I was a bit unsure as to whether to buy it or not. I had also seen another one in there, in the same range in a royal blue which I fell in love with so couldn't decide between the two and as they were £40 each I didn't fancy buying both. Spring went and along came summer and I forgot about them.
Until this month.
As the cooler weather started to set in I was once again on the look out for a nice chunky jumper to keep me (and now bump) warm. I looked at Topshop's website in the hope they had brought their gorgeous mint and royal blue oversized jumpers out again however, alas they hadn't but after some website hopping I browsed and low and behold they had pretty much the exact same jumpers in the exact same colours and style! I couldn't believe it, not only that but they were £15 each! Therefore two jumpers came to £30, less than the cost of one Topshop one! I think I actually squealed as I excitedly (and quickly) put them into my shopping basket and bought them.
When they arrived I was so pleased by how lovely and thick and chunky they are, most importantly of all they are warm! Because they are oversized and I always find jumpers of this style swamp my shoulders and arms I opted to buy them in a 'SMALL' and I am glad I did as they fit perfectly. I don't think they will see me right to the end of my pregnancy because I don't want to stretch them but they will be worn again and again because I love them and the colour.
Yesterday I wore my mint jumper over a knee - length black bodycon dress which is from Topshop but which I bought off of Ebay for half the price. This is the first time I have worn it actually because I bought it then found out I was pregnant and because it has a cut away part at the midriff I didn't wear it. In my first trimester I was so bloated I looked tubby but not pregnant, now though bump is big enough for the cut away bit to ride up under my bust and be tucked away! Perfect!
I also wore my faithful Linzi ankle boots that I have worn SOOOOOO many times before (they're so comfy) and my gorgeous new Topshop spike necklace which was a birthday present from my sister in law.
In the below photo my bump looks huge! But that is mainly because the jumper is rolled up, although I do feel as though I have suddenly got bigger! Especially in tight dresses.
What do you think? Have you found any AW13 bargains?

DRESS: Topshop (via Ebay) | JUMPER: | BOOTS: Linzi NECKLACE: Topshop

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