Monday, 21 October 2013

My Birthday Weekend.

On Saturday it was my 29th birthday, yep 29! No biggy most would say but for some reason numbers scare me. I think it is more time flying by that scares me and that feeling of not being able to control it. There's so much you want to do in life and then you blink and two years have gone by. That and yes, I am quite scared of getting wrinkly and saggy, I am also very sentimental too so knowing it was the last birthday I would ever have in my twenties made me a bit sad too! Anywhoooo, because it will also be my last child free birthday my wonderful hubby pulled out all the stops and made sure it was a lovely birthday to remember. I was very spoilt indeedy.

Friday night, he said he was taking me out to dinner in Billericay and when we got to the restaurant, he asked for a table for two. He was asked whether we would prefer sitting upstairs or down to which he replied upstairs. We made our way up the stairs, turned the corner and I was greeted by a table full of our friends who shouted 'Happy birthday' ! I was so shocked and certainly not expecting it! He did really well at keeping it all under wraps and my friends did well in not slipping up and giving something away in the run up too! (I know I would have!) It was such a lovely surprise and I had a brilliant evening, I even had a surprise birthday cake too (which was yummy) along with a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a balloon. We ate at Chimichangas (I have written about them before) and I have to say, the service was excellent! Hubby said the manager was brilliant at helping him organise everything too so anyone local to Billericay who hasn't tried that place out yet, go give it a go this weekend!

On the big day Saturday we went for lunch with my family at 'The Lounge' in Ingatestone which was lovely. They have freshly made cakes too so after my delicious burger I treated myself to a cuppa with a slice of carrot cake for dessert. Yum! This venue was really lovely and they also do private functions which got me thinking of my 30th birthday next year! It would be a really lovely place to have my celebrations although it is a bit early to be planning them now...

That evening we went to our local pub with friends to watch the West Ham game (well I chatted to my friend, the boys watched the game) then we went to Pizza Hut to grab something to eat.
On Sunday we had a little shopping trip at Lakeside so I could spend some birthday money / vouchers and hubby could get himself some new trainers (which he was in desperate need of). That evening his brother and fiancĂ© came over for a takeaway and a catch up.  The perfect end to a perfect weekend (of gluttony it would seem!). I don't know if I was wired from such a great weekend but I had a really rough nights sleep last night however luckily I don't feel tired (yet), sure I will be having a super early night to recover tonight though.

Thanks to my lovely hubby, family and friends for making my last birthday in my 20's such a special one!!

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  1. Ah the boy did good! Such a lovely thing for him to do for you - I've never been to Chimichangas but I do love The Lounge!

    Happy birthday again! xx

    1. Sorry for the slow reply! I can't comment on my phone.... he did do good bless him, had a great weekend! Defo eat there Pen, it is lovely and the staff are wonderful! xx


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