Friday, 4 October 2013

My Shop.

All hearts are made of wood and hand decorated / painted. Photo frame is a restored and repaired old frame.
If you follow me on Instagram and now also Pinterest you will probably know I am planning on opening an online shop soon on the Etsy website. I have been spending my evenings designing little accessory ideas and painting up and restoring old frames and am absolutely loving it so far! 
The plan eventually is that the desk we have in the spare room currently will go into the garage and that will be my 'studio' the drawers in the desk can hold all my bits and bobs that are currently in various drawers in the living room.
I love being creative and love making unique pieces for my home, I also love discovering an old treasure and giving it a new lease of life so I thought why not do it for other people too? Hopefully people who visit my shop will like my work. It is all about practice and trial and error so some bits I have made I haven't liked and some bits I have liked and some bits I am still unsure on. I would love any feedback on the pic's above if anyone wants to help me please! I would genuinely like to know what people think of what I have made so far (after all, if it's crap it's best I know now eh?!).
I will make bespoke items for people too so if you want a hanging heart to give as a gift or want one for yourself and know exactly what quote you would like but have never seen it anywhere get in touch! I already have had 2 orders from two different friends which is nice seeing as I haven't set the shop up yet!
Overall it will sell little hanging accessories and restored little bits of furniture such as stools or side tables or photo frames such as the above. I am also thinking of making some cards too as I used to make them years ago and really enjoyed it. I also want to make canvas's and cute framed illustrations.
Please let me know your thoughts on the above pics and of course get in touch if you would like to know more.
I will continue to keep you updated over Instagram and Twitter with what I am making and update on here when the shop is open.  
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  1. Your pieces are lovely! Good luck with the shop.
    Adela x


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