Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Boots! My HUUUGE bargain...


On a recent trip to Lakeside, I made my way into Topshop to spend the gift voucher my kind friends Tina and Gavin had bought me for my birthday when in the window I spotted a pair of boots that knocked me over. I loved them! I don't know why I loved them I just did. Quite simple and classic but with that gold trim on the heel to give it an edge, I just knew they belonged on my feet. I was suddenly imagining what outfits they would go with; dresses, jeans etc. and headed over to the shoe section to see the damage. £80 for a pair of leather boots is very reasonable but with Christmas around the corner and a holiday in a couple of weeks I knew it wasn't sensible to buy them. I walked away.....

Cue endless gazing at them online and endless lusting, they were SO ME! Alas, I knew I was being sensible in saving my money for Christmas presents and not selfishly spending it on footwear.

I knew I needed new ankle boots as my collection is very sparse despite how much I love them in fact, I have just two pairs I wear now as the others are so old. I knew I wanted a new pair so had a good old search online.... one of my last web stops was Linzi's website. I scrolled through the vast ankle boot collection  they had, making notes of ones I liked when suddenly I saw my boots!!! Linzi had an exact replica of the Topshop ones for half the price (because they are faux leather not real leather) I couldn't believe it, aside from the leather thing they were the same in every way.  I knew I had to have a look at them in real life to see how good a mimic they were, being faux leather I thought they may look cheapy and after having seen the Topshop ones and tried them on I knew I was going to be fussy!

Tuesday night I went to Lakeside and went into Linzi (via Topshop for one last look so I could compare) and was amazed, they looked exactly the same. I tried them on and fell in love, I had to have them! This is the best bit though.... I had a £20 Lakeside voucher which my sister in law had got me for my birthday, plus I had won a tenner on a scratch card which had been bought for me for my birthday so all in all these boots cost me £10 of my own money! MEGA BARGAIN.

I am so pleased with them, they are so comfortable and look really stylish. I wore them on yesterday with a skater skirt and jumper and then wore them out to dinner with a blouse and skinny jeans. Linzi have some great boots in store at the moment, I think I want another flat pair of ankle boots so will keep an eye out for some I like. In the meantime though these are fabulous and I can't wait to style them up properly.



  1. Replies
    1. How CRAZY that they look the same?!?!?!? Meant to be I told myself :) xx

  2. These are amazing - they look exactly like the Topshop ones and I love the gold detail, it really makes them stand out! xx

    1. I know, I really couldn't believe it when I saw them! They are so comfortable too... do love them! :) xx


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