Monday, 7 October 2013

Pamper time.


You know what it's like ladies, sometimes you feel it is absolutely necessary to take time out and make yourself look and feel a bit more beautiful.

I had a loooonnnggg overdue pamper session yesterday afternoon and it made me feel fabulous! I have stepped up a notch with my beauty regime of late anyway now that my last EVER birthday in my 20's is fast approaching. I have always moisturised since I was about 12 but never really had a proper routine and my skin is not getting any younger, the other day I suddenly looked in the mirror and saw very tired, drab skin looking back at me and yelped! I usually use a lovely Dove Spa cleanser to take my make up off which is £14.50 but I am budgeting at the moment because I want to save up and pay off some bills so I opted to buy Boots essentials Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser which smell of cucumber so are gorgeous and fresh AND they are only £1.50 each! When I bought them though they were 3 for £3 so a massive saving was made on what I usually spend! I am very impressed with the range too. I bought a Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit face scrub to use in the shower and buff away dead skin and I have to say that my face over this last week has been a lot softer and full of life. My make up has gone on a lot easier too!

My pamper session yesterday consisted of defluffing my face with my faithful VEET wax which always makes me feel better. Plucking and trimming my terribly unkempt eyebrows, painting my nails for the first time in ages, using a body scrub I have had for a while and not yet used to buff away dry old skin and make my new skin glow (followed my moisturiser of course!) and a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. I felt a million dollars when I went to bed last night and today my skin feels amazing! I get really dry, red, blotchy skin on my body especially on my arms and legs so it was lovely for them to feel soft and smooth for a change when I woke up.

The products I am currently loving are:
Soap and Glory 'Scrub em and leave em' body buff - link HERE.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub - link HERE.
Garnier Intensive 7 DaysDaily body lotion with calming honey - link HERE.
Boots Essentials Cleanser, Toner and moisturiser - link HERE.
No7 Essential Moisture night cream - link HERE.
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm - link HERE.

I was once told by a beautician not to use facial wipes to take off your make up because no matter how good they say they are or how gentle on your skin they are actually quite drying. It is best to use cleanser so if you too are on a budget but fancy trying a new routine for removing make up and looking after your skin I recommend the Boots essentials range. Definitely worth the money! If I continue to see improvements I may as well stick with them rather than spending £14.50 on the Dove Spa one (although the Dove Spa one does smell and feel luxurious so it could be a little treat sometime in the future).

Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on a lot of products so it is worth a visit today if you are after some new products!

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