Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Radley Handbag.

I was in absolute desperate need of a new handbag, I had used my current one on and off for about four years and it was beginning to look tatty. For my birthday hubby (who has surprisingly good taste in women's handbags!) bought me a gorgeous new one and I absolutely love it!


It is a beautiful Radley Satchel inspired bag in a dark green (almost dark Teal) colour. It is a lot smaller than previous handbags which is exactly what I wanted as I have stopped carrying around the kitchen sink with me due to it giving me a very bad shoulder. I now just carry around a few essentials with me such as my diary, purse, phone and glasses case along with a few bits of make up and that's it! My shoulder has been pain free because of it after probably suffering for about five years (which I didn't even think could be caused by my heavy bag!) so there is no way I will be loading my everyday hand luggage up ever again, it really isn't worth it. This bag is the perfect size for an everyday bag! 


I absolutely love the colour and the style of it, I can't stop looking at it in fact....or sniffing it! new leather bag smell is the best! 

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