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Monday, 28 October 2013

Supporting Bump.

Being pregnant for the first time can fill you with all sorts of daunting prospects - and I mean just during the pregnancy bit not the motherhood bit that follows! THAT worry is a whole other blog post in itself. Walking into Mothercare or Kiddicare for the first time to get an idea of what you will need to buy left me hyperventilating; there were gadgets I had never even heard of, 200 types of pushchair or cot and don't get me started on worrying about cot mattresses. Then you have the twinges, the funny niggles or pains which make you wonder, sleepless nights because you can't get comfy in the sleeping position which is meant to be best for you and bump. Needing to go to the loo an extra 2345533 times a day (and night) can drive you crazy also. Your body is doing an amazing thing and it is changing quickly so it can be very scary!
One thing I was always sure about though was underwear. I wanted to make sure that I was supporting my body in the best possible way from the moment there was a little bump showing so that I gave my body the best possible chance of a good recovery, even if it meant big pants until next spring! After all, we support our bosoms and make sure that we are wearing the right size and shape bra for our needs to ensure that they are comfortable and looked after because we want them to stay at their pert best for as long as possible, why wouldn't we do the same with a belly that's expanding quicker than our national debt? I don't want stretch marks, I am sure they will come at some point but if I can do my upmost to keep them to a minimum then  I won't mind as much as I would were I to do nothing to prevent them.
The great thing is, there is so much underwear choice out there! If you like thongs, little shorts, knickers or whatever there is a maternity version out there for you. I bought some bigger pants first off which looked like something even Bridget Jones would turn her nose up at in the hope they would support bump but they did nothing and looked hideous. *BINNED.* Next, I opted for a 2 pack of BLOOMING MARVELLOUS MATERNITY SHORT BRIEFS (to avoid the dreaded VPL) and a BLOOMING MARVELLOUS MATERNITY BUMP SUPPORT BELT which MY GOD is the best maternity purchase I have bought to date. I only bought one to start with because it was £12 and if it was naff I didn't want to have wasted my money but I will be definitely going out to buy more this week. It is a bra for your bump, it keeps not only your tummy supported and stops it from stretching or sagging unnecessarily from the extra weight (like a bra does for your boobs) it also really supports your back, best of all it keeps your tummy warm! Great for being pregnant over the winter. I wore a tight dress out on Saturday night and it didn't show up underneath either. I was a little paranoid about a little seam that I could see but when I looked at myself full on I realised it was because I knew it was there, I also thought:
 'Sod it, I am pregnant and am wearing the suitable attire underneath this outfit to support that, so if you don't like what you can see then don't look! You shouldn't be looking anyway!'
 This was a very tight, light coloured dress too therefore the ultimate outfit test so it surpassed!

Maternity bras are a god send too as they are very comfy, I am currently wearing the BLOOMING MARVELLOUS NON WIRE SUPPORT T SHIRT BRA . Night bra's I would thoroughly recommend also, especially if you are busty like I am. They are a bit like a comfier version of a sports bra so allow room for you to move about and for the ladies to expand (as they will do later on) while giving you support. I would recommend the BLOOMING MARVELLOUS COMFORT FIT MATERNITY SLEEP BRA 2 PACK
It is completely amazing but also completely scary how your body changes and it can make you feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes, the amount of hormones running through you doesn't help that either! You can wear gorgeous clothes, do your hair nicely and apply perfect make up but still feel tubby. When hubby and I went out Saturday night I felt like a whale compared to all the other skinny Minnie's out on the town. The important thing is to make sure you take time out for yourself, to make yourself feel special and attractive. Buy yourself a couple of nice outfits, have a pamper night where you paint your nails, apply a face mask and treat your hair. Go to the salon and have one of your favourite treatments too and most importantly, make sure you look after your skin! Keep hydrated with water, scrub your body at least three times a week and moisturise, especially if you are pregnant over the winter like me. Your skin will thank you for it and you will get compliments from everyone on how well you're looking! Hydrated skin is less likely to form stretch marks too so scrubbing away the old skin then moisturising the new skin is another great way for helping prevent them!
Most importantly of all enjoy it, it is easy to have down days or fat days and those feelings can't be helped but don't wallow, be positive. Make sure you embrace yourself and the amazing thing your body is doing.

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