Thursday, 14 November 2013

Comfy Pumps.

Bless hubby, he is a goodun.

The other week he got me these cute little pumps - only a bargain tenner from Linzi but it was the cute thought behind it that counts not the price tag. He knows that my feet will swell up and my current black pumps not only have seen better days but also are a bit 'hard' so not really comfy for those swollen days.

These pumps however are soft so feel super comfy and like they will look after my tootsies a little better should they get swollen up.  I have always liked the simple pumps with bows on the front so that is a massive bonus too! I'm loving wearing them and they go with so much!

It is hard to imagine my feet and ankles swelling up; they are so skinny and bony it seems impossible right now. Maybe they won't swell up as much as some people but I am sure they will eventually even if it is a little bit. In the meantime I can enjoy my new footwear while my feet are still normal looking.

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  1. Whoop! You're husband is really nice. Pretty pumps!
    Remember last week's #lbloggers chat? I'm coming from there, finally got a chance to check out all blogs :)


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