Tuesday, 5 November 2013


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I am a big kid and I just love fireworks! This year has been a total cop out with regards to celebrating the Autumnal events such as Halloween and now Guy Fawkes night and I must admit I am a bit miffed. My husband really isn't bothered by any of it at all and so is more interested in the football that is on the telly tonight rather than any Firework displays. I'm not quite sure why I haven't really looked into going and watching a display, I think it just seems to have crept up. I wanted to do something scary for Halloween but all events nearby recommended that pregnant women should not attend (boooo, but understandable!). Hubby was out all Saturday daytime and night and I was unwell so didn't bother seeing what friends were doing or whether they were going to watch fireworks anywhere and now today is November 5th, the night it all happens and the sky is alight with pretty colours and I have no plans (cue violins please).
I am going to my friends tonight for a girly catch up and as she lives in a flat I am hoping that I will be able to watch a show out of her window from the comfort and warmth of her living room while catching up with my two chumsies and nursing a piping hot cuppa. If not then I will most certainly hear them!
I'm not sure where this huge love of Fireworks comes from. I am a massive history geek so love the history behind it all but I also think as with everything else at this time of year, it just unleashes my inner child. I am already excited about the Christmas adverts on the telly and the fact the Christmas tree will be going up in about four weeks accompanied by Christmas songs and mince pies. Yes, I love it all - sue me. It makes me happy and warm and fuzzy inside. Watching firework displays reminds me being a kid too - wrapping up warm, holding a sparkler, watching the sky light up and indulging in a hot dog with onions and mustard. Rosy red, cold cheeks and ice cold breath but that didn't matter because you were having such a great time. When we have been with friends it has been exactly the same experience only with beers before and after to warm the cockles! 
I am definitely not missing out next year and can't wait to take our littlun to firework displays when they are old enough to enjoy them.
Have fun all of you going out to watch a show tonight and of course be safe ;) write your name in the air with a sparkler for me!!
**also just want to say a quick little happy birthday to our friends gorgeous little boy Joshie who is one today!! xx

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