Monday, 18 November 2013

GUEST POST: How to buy Christmas presents for your pregnant friend.

Hi everyone, I'm Penny and I blog over at LilliesandLove.  As you read this, Nicki is off in the sunshine enjoying a much deserved holiday while we all shiver and shake here in the UK!  I'm very jealous!

As you all know, Nicki is currently just over halfway through her pregnancy.  When she text me to tell me I was totally over the moon for her and every time she posts a photo of herself online I inspect it for signs of 'Bump' - I love seeing my friend's stomach's growing over the weeks and months!

When Nicki asked me if I would like to guest blog for her, I jumped at the chance and I knew exactly what I wanted to write about...

With Christmas coming up, it can be tough to decide what to buy for pregnant women - there's a lot of food stuffs they're recommended not to eat, there's no point treating them to a bottle of their favourite tipple, and as much as they will love gifts for the baby, a lot of my friend's have told me that they've felt a bit left out as they haven't been able to benefit from any of the goodies they've been showered with.

So, I thought what better than to write a post giving a few ideas about what to buy that preggers lady in your life to make her feel special this Christmas.

I've had a browse around online and found some great little treats, all for under £20!

Back-Ease Cream from Yummy Mummy Skincare - £9.99

Sleepy Set Eyemask and Tassled Earplugs from Sannapanda - £16.99

Mum To Be Slippers from Only4Mummy - £5.99

Big Bump Mug from Mum Stuff - £10.95

A gift voucher for a local beauty salon that offers mum-to-be packages

A homemade 'Friendship Cheque' entitling your friend to claim a days worth of housework from you while she puts her feet up and rests!

Have you bought anything for your pregnant friends that they've loved and you think should be added to this list?  And can us non-pregnant women get in on this friendship cheque that means other people do the housework??

LilliesandLove xx


  1. I brought my friend a really good book that I knew she wanted to read so she could relax when she went on maternity leave. It can be so hard as even some puddings she couldn't eat and alcohol was of course out x. She found lots of people brought her 'for baby' presents and not something she could use to pamper herself.

    Just a novel idea - if you know a couple really well then think about presents for the husband as well. I know they've not had the baby and gone through 9 months but males can also feel left out sometimes.

    1. Very true they can feel left out. I have spoilt my husband this year for Christmas and his birthday (which is January) as I will be on maternity leave this time next year and unable to do so as much so wanted to make it special for him as his last Christmas before becoming a parent and to say thanks for being brilliant!

      Pampering is the way to go I think, I always buy pamper bits for mum to be whenever I go to baby showers as I know they get lots of bits for baby and this way they have a little something for them! :)



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