Tuesday, 19 November 2013

GUEST POST: My First Lush Shopping Trip!

Today's post is a review from the lovely Emily who blogs over at www.EmilyHearts.com and has recently discovered the wonder that is LUSH. Enjoy!

Lush products have been loved by bloggers and vloggers alike for a little while now. These amazing looking and smelling products have snuck onto my shopping radar recently after an impromptu visit to one of their shops.

 I've never really been a bath person as I have sensitive skin and much prefer a refreshing shower. However maybe I've been missing out all this time as I found some real gems.

 I was shown around the store by the Lush girls and picked out three products that I just couldn't go home without.

 I chose two body washes, the first called Dirty Springwash. This smells minty fresh with a combination of spearmint and menthol. It leaves you feeling fresh and tingly all over. The second is called Snow Fairy. This limited edition product for Christmas is the best selling product in the store. The glittery pink gel has a fabulous fruity bubble-gum fragrance that you'll want to smell of forever. Together they make an even more amazing combination that reminds me of Murray Mints or retro Fox's Glaciers.

 The last product I bought was my favourite of the bunch. A pink bubble gum star that has the same fragrance as Snow Fairy. It's waved under running water like a wand and as if by magic a foamy pink bubble bath is all yours. It lasts for up to 12 baths and smells spectacular.

 Get yourself down to your nearest Lush for Christmas bath time treats.

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