Monday, 25 November 2013

Holiday Blues.

Here I am, back in freezing cold England! On Friday when I was sitting on the balcony of our villa it was hard to imagine being freezing cold again by the time the weekend was up, especially when I found myself pulling my sun lounger into the shade because of it being just that bit 'too hot'. 

We were very lucky to get some much needed winter sun in Antigua with my Mum and Step Dad who have a timeshare there. The villa was gorgeous with amazing views and everyday was sunny and hot, even if it was a cooler day it was still much hotter than we can get here in Blighty. Our days were either spent chilling on the beach or in the sea, eating far too much all inclusive food or paddling in the pool. We also hired a car for two days and explored the island. My favourite place to be though was relaxing just on the edge of the sea where I was cool thanks to the salty water but still able to enjoy the sunshine, virgin pina colada in hand watching the world go by. I miss it already! Take me back please!

The one thing I deteste about coming home from holiday is the holiday blues, man do I suffer with those!! I am terrible, utterly depressed! For a good week after I clock watch and think back to what I would have been doing on holiday the week before. Not a great way to beat the holiday comedown I can assure you. The great thing about being back at this time of year though is that I am a massive Christmas geek and have lots of festive stuff to look forward to over the next few weeks before the holiday itself. 

In the meantime though, to try and beat the holiday comedown that has initially hit me, I thought it would be great idea to look over other destinations I would like to visit whether it be for a holiday or just a nice long weekend. I think most people tend to find themselves clicking away on holiday websites straight after getting back from a lovely break don't they? contacted me just before I came away to advise me about a quiz they have on their website in which you have to identify anagrams on famous European cities, landmarks and attractions. What better way to spend your Monday rather than reading your emails and opening your mail? It is also a great way to discover some attractions that are pretty much on our doorstep which we can sometimes forget about. You can find the quiz HERE.

In the meantime, here are a couple of holiday snaps from my break away to warm you up on this cold winter morning. *Cries into coffee*

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STUNNING: View from our Villa balcony.
PARADISE: The beach.

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