Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Home decor inspiration on Pinterest.

If you are regular reader of my blog, then you will know I bloody love making my own little bits and pieces for the home. I also love oldy worldy stuff or oldy worldy looking stuff especially pretty chintsy, floral things and shabby chic things. 

If you are the same or you are wanting to add a few things to your home but maybe don't know where to start or feel uninspired then I thoroughly recommend you download and sign up to 'Pinterest' this very moment (well after you have finished reading this post). What is Pinterest? It is basically a pin board app. You create boards on your profile of whatever the hell you want i.e. 'Fashion Trends' or 'Home Decor' and then you search the vast array of wonderful pins for images or inspiration to add to your boards. When you find something you like you simply 'pin it' to one of your boards. You can pin your own pictures too should you have a little business you wish to promote or you can just make up little boards for fun and to look at pretty pictures.

Pinterest has been great for inspiring me with my salt dough ornaments or home made accessories and it is thanks to my lovely friend Vicky that I downloaded the app in the first place. Ta love! At first I wasn't really sure how it worked and didn't find it too inspiring but once I got the jist of it and had started getting creative I became addicted. 

I have one bare wall in the living room (the main wall) which I have been collecting old photo frames for in charity shops and painting all different colours to make into a 'collage wall' but knew I wanted a centre piece to build the collage around. Now I have found the perfect idea thanks to this fantastic app! This amazing frame with a 'photo post it note theme' is super cute, elegant, unique and eye catching. I love it so much! It is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, a little snippet of me and him which can be decorated just as this one has with floral patterns and even some cute little hanging accessories. The best thing about this stunning piece is that it would be super easy to make too... and I have already ordered a frame to get myself started!

This will make a great centre piece for all the other images that will eventually adorn the wall around it. In the centre will be 'us' and around 'us' will be all the special people in our lives and photos of special times together.

What do you think of the frame? Have you found Pinterest as great as I have?

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