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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Weekend

BAKING: Friday afternoon I baked cookies for the first time for my nephew and family who I was seeing on Saturday.
CREATIVE: On Saturday morning I continued painting my home made salt dough Christmas decorations

 Hiya everyone! How was your weekend? I know I am a bit late doing this kind of post on a Wednesday rather than a Monday but I didn't have a chance to write it until now! Even though the weekend now already seems ages ago and we are counting down to the next one. I am especially counting down to it because Saturday morning we are going on holidaaaayyyy! I can't believe we get to enjoy some sunshine next week, seems alien when I am already in the Christmas spirit - I am not complaining though. I have some AMAZING guest bloggers lined up to blog on here next week while I am away so please keep your eyes out for them, you will discover some great new blogs to read if you don't read them already.

So; this weekend! What did I do?? not too much actually. When I got in from work Friday I baked cookies for the first time ever. I had to guess the quantities in the end because my faithful scales had run out of battery so didn't work but they did turn out OK! I wanted them gooey in the middle so they were still soft when they cooled and even though they were a pain to get off of the baking tray it was worth it. Friday night we had a really lazy one and watched a film under the duvet on the sofa. It was so lovely and cosy. We weren't really in the mood for any dinner so I made lots of homemade chips for us to eat during the film with some bread and butter. Chip buttys! YUM. Not the healthiest option but it was oh so good.

Saturday I painted up some Christmas decorations which I am hoping to start selling when I get back from holiday, in the afternoon we went to my mums where my step sister and her two gorgeous children were also visiting. We had a lovely catch up and my five year old nephew Riley approved of the cookies (which is who I made them for). They were dairy milk and smarties cookies and I must admit they did taste even better the next day. I will defo make them again!

Sunday we went to my Nan and Grandad's for Sunday lunch. I hadn't seen them for a good few weeks and never normally go that long so it was lovely to see them. I always love sitting in their dining room because of the beautiful green you can see from their window. They have lived in their bungalow for about 25 years now and sitting at that dining table reminds me of so many lovely memories from Christmas dinner to breakfast on a Sunday morning after they had had us over the night before to give my mum some time out! Some mornings it would be frosty and crisp and so picturesque, I could just stare out at it for ages and not even realise. Because of their age and health and the fact it is quite a big bungalow and the garden is very big too, they are more than likely going to look at downsizing next year or the year after which is such a shame. I understand why they would be doing it and it makes perfect sense if they can no longer look after the house like they used to but I would be very sad to no longer be able to visit it. It is the only house left from my childhood now too.

Anyway, totally getting off of the subject there! Sunday night hubby made Calzone for us to eat as a light dinner as we had had lunch at 1pm at my grandparents. It was delicious! He had made the dough in the early afternoon so it had time to rise etc. and I made the sauce at the same time so it could marinade in the fridge and taste even yummier! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am not quite sure why we hardly ever make it. It isn't difficult to make after all, we definitely need to make it a more regular dinner!

That was it! Lovely, simple weekend seeing family and eating delicious food as always! (Food is so important to me right now! haha)

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend!

GORGEOUS: The view from my grandparents dining room.

DELICIOUS: Hubby making Calzone for dinner Sunday night

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