Monday, 4 November 2013

Suddenly Monday.

Here we are again, another Monday! It is lovely and sunny outside though which is always nice (and deceiving because it is also bitterly cold too!) another weekend has flown by... where do they go? Monday's don't get me down anymore though because it feels as though the weeks go just as quickly as the weekends so before you have had a chance to grumble that is Monday again, it is already Wednesday and your heading out for your midweek beers.
That being said, it is still easy enough to get a case of the Monday blues and I always think the better the weekend was,  the more of a comedown Monday is!  So just in case you don't feel so positive about Mondays and still get the Monday moodiness, I thought I would write down a few simple steps that I think will make you feel a little less blue.....hopefully!
1) Treat yourself to a yummy coffee or breakfast:
Monday can be your treat day and you could allow yourself a naughty creamy coffee or your favourite bacon sarnie so that you turn up in work in a good mood!
2) Get in a little earlier:
Yes really. Even though you were there last thing Friday, having the weekend can make you feel just a little out of sorts and that you need a moment or two to reconnect and switch your brain into gear. By getting in a little earlier (5 - 10 minutes tops) you give yourself time to get back into the swing of things just in time to start the working day.
3) Have an early night:
Have a good nights sleep on Sunday by having a luscious long bath with your favourite products, unwinding with your favourite book or catching up on your favourite blogs - whatever you like to do to relax and make sure you get to bed that bit earlier so you have a good nights sleep - especially if you haven't had much at the weekend. Yes, it brings Monday around a lot quicker but you will be more ready for it and the sooner it is done the sooner it is out of the way for another week.
4) Listen to your favourite music:
Something to get you in a good mood while you're getting ready will always make you feel more positive and upbeat and make you ready to face the day.
5) Allow yourself enough time:
Don't get up at the last minute and rush around getting ready, stressing about being late or where your keys are because you haven't the time to look for them. Get up at a decent hour and allow yourself time to get ready at a leisurely pace and you will be in a much better mood once you get to work.
Ok so Mondays are never going to be great but hopefully some of those tips (or even all of them) might help some of you feel a little bit better about them!

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