Friday, 8 November 2013

This Weekend.

When in doubt insert a smiley photo of yourself, happy it is the weekend!
 Hi guys! Guess what? It's only bloody Friday! The weekend is upon us once more! What are you all up to? I am looking forward to quite a chilled out weekend if I'm honest, last weekend and this week has been quite busy which is lovely but I feel I am in need of a good rest! Saying that, I still have more plans than I intended to have! Mainly involving seeing family so of course it's all good.
We go away on holiday a week tomorrow (wahooooo!!) I am so excited but that also means this weekend will involve washing swimwear and holiday clothes as well as the usual wash loads. Nothing better than knowing we will soon be in the sunshine wearing summer clothes when it is November and we should be in our woollies though! Very happy to be going away on a nice break before getting stuck into the Christmas shopping and all the festivities as well as the bitterly cold weather. It is also nice to know we are having one last break as adults before becoming parents!
Tonight we were meant to be going out but have opted for a night in now instead. Hubby is going to cook a yummy dinner and we are going to watch a film. I really can't wait! We have had a lovely week catching up with different friends so will be nice to have some 'us' time.
I hope whatever you're all doing you have a lovely weekend and I will fill you in on what I got up to next week.
Bye for now!


  1. You look gorgeous in that photo!
    I bet you can't wait to go on holiday, im so jealous! xx

    1. oh bless you!

      Thank you very much lovely! Yes I can't will be nice to see some sun again! :)


  2. Hi Nicki, thank you so much for tweeting me your blog, love the layout - especially the red! Nice to see another blogger close by - hello Essex! Would love you to check out mine if you ever get 10 xx

    1. Hi Carly, thank you for commenting and for following! Another Essex blogger eh? Be sure to follow @EssexBloggers on twitter if you don't already! What is your blogs name? I'd love to have a look! xx


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