Monday, 16 December 2013

I can't wait for....

This week to be over and for the festivities to REALLY begin properly.

To visit my brother and his girlfriend in Liverpool this weekend, play games and watch Christmas films and soak up the brilliant Christmas atmosphere in Liverpool's city centre.

To not have to wake up to an alarm over the Christmas break. I don't care what time it is out there, if I wake up and it is dark I am NOT getting up.

To buy a super cheesey Christmas jumper for Christmas day. 

To see my husband open his presents on Christmas morning. I am really excited with what I have got him so hope he is happy with them!

A leisurely Christmas eve followed by dinner with the family in the evening, I get so excited for Christmas that when Christmas eve arrives I can't actually quite believe it's here. (Anyone else feel that way?!)

My husbands yummy Christmas morning brekki.

Christmas dinner! I can't wait to eat until I feel like I might die. Then I will eat some more.

Boxing Day dinner: Cold meat, Pickled goods, Mash and lots of little extras. Oh my GOD it is so yummy and I get to eat it all NEXT WEEK.

Spending more time with the buns and buying them some Christmas treats too! They already have a Christmas stocking up. CUTE! (and a bit sad yes I know but I love them, I don't care!)

Watching more Christmas films than I already have.

To spend a lot more time with hubby who has been working really hard lately and longer days so will be nice to have some down time just us.

Playing lots of games!

Eating a lot of chocolate.

Seeing the family and having an amazing time.

Having at least one duvet day.

The post Christmas sales!

NYE and welcoming in 2014, a new year with exciting and life changing times ahead.

Are you excited??

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