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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lately: Life Update.

Woah, where the hell has December gone? The whole year has gone quick but even so, December seems to have been swallowed up. 

I am usually so so anxious for the big day by now that I can't sit still and have already made a good dent in the Christmas choccies. By now I am also so tired of having to shoo the bunnies away from the Christmas tree because they want to eat it and feel as though it has been up forever as well as being overrun by Christmas cards.

Not this year though, it has flown by. It only feels like last weekend I put the tree up when it was actually December 1st and even though I haven't actually had many Christmas chocolates yet (and I mean YET, I will) I have kept the cupboards well stocked with mince pies. I have noticed that I am very short on Christmas cards this year as oppose to last year, is anyone else noticing that? We don't get bundles anyway because friends don't tend to send them out so it is normally family we receive them from but it seems they haven't this year. I can't grumble though because I am terrible for sending out cards, I don't now in fact, I just give them to close family and friends who I see regularly.

Anyway, lately.....

My mother in law was over at the weekend and we went over to my Mums for a girly lunch of home made soup and mince pies which was really nice. They hadn't seen each other in a while so it was great for them to catch up and as my mum made everything from scratch it was a very yummy lunch indeed! My hubby has been working non stop including the weekend to get finished for the Christmas break which has been sucky because I have hardly seen him but it makes the thought of having two weeks off together even more exciting. One more working day to go.......!! 

Tonight I am packing as we go up to Liverpool for a long weekend of visiting my brother and his girlfriend. As I have said before, that city is amazing but it is even more so at Christmas! I can't wait! I am also popping to my friends for an hour or so for a quick festive catch up and mince pie.

The other weekend, (7th/8th) December we went for our annual Christmas trip to Borough Market with our friends Sarah and Scott. As always it was a lovely day out full of good food and good laughs. We stocked up on some amazing yummy treats of fresh bread, olives, cheese and ham to munch on the next day. I also treated myself to a cup of mulled wine which was lovely but went straight to my head! I haven't had a drop of alcohol for months and it showed! I couldn't finish it and felt really bad afterwards so think mulled wine will be a no no any more this Christmas!

Apart from that we haven't really done much, we have had odd plans with friends that have ended up being cancelled due to colds and flu which is always a shame but hope to catch up with them over the holidays. 

Aside from that, we have not really done much else. Just finishing off Christmas shopping and wrapping of presents. 

Pregnancy wise, I am just getting bigger! I refuse to weigh myself because even though I know it is all normal it still scares me to see the scales creep up so rather than obsess I have stepped away. 

In other major news I have perfected making hot chocolate and am quite addicted! It is delish and is becoming my nightly treat.... it's all well and good at this time of year but when Christmas is over and the new year is here and the food  / drink guilt kicks in once again I think I will have withdrawal symptoms! I am already panicking about how I will live another 11 months without mince pies. Think I will need to stock up!

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