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Friday, 27 December 2013

Let the bells ring out for Christmas....

Here we are then, the other side of the most anticipated two days of the year. Christmas 2013 has crept up and up on us and now it is all over. That always makes me quite sad! You can't beat the feeling of that magical build up, the smells of festive candles and drinks in the air, the twinkle of magical lights and roaring fires and the sound of Christmas songs. I am sad it is all over for another year but not as sad as I usually get I must admit, most likely because I know we have quite a big year to look forward to in 2014!

Anyway, Christmas!! 

Christmas Eve we went for an Indian with my Mum and her husband which seems to have become a Christmas Eve tradition now. Christmas morning we were both wide awake at 5am! I can't work out whether or not it was excitement or simply because I haven't been sleeping well and so kept hubby awake. We decided to get up and have a cuppa while opening presents, after which we watched Home Alone (Can't believe we hadn't watched it yet this year!) After that finished which was around 7am we decided to go back to bed for a couple of hours so that we weren't flagging in the early evening after having stuffed ourselves full of turkey!

When we got up the second time hubby made us a delicious cooked breakfast so that we were full up enough to last until having dinner at 4.30 (my sister in law has a part time bar job for extra money and was working Christmas day and didn't finish until 4). 

The whole day was lovely and as Christmas should be. My grandparents popped in on their way to my Mums for dinner and had a cup of tea with us, once they had left we got ready and made our way over to my brother in laws for the rest of our festive day.

Before dinner we opened presents, we had got my hubby's step dad a hideous Christmas onesie as a joke present because we had all decided to wear festive jumpers for dinner this year and because he can be a bit of a grinch, hubby thought it would be hilarious for us to get him it. Not only that, he hid his other (genuine) presents we had bought him so at first he thought that was his only present. EVIL! (but funny). To the surprise of everyone he wore it pretty much all day (we honestly thought he would put it on for the photo of us all in our festive get up and that would be it).

My sister in law had gone all out with the table and it looked gorgeous! She had done a lovely job. Dinner was of course  - as always - very VERY yummy and as always I ate waaaay too much! I can't help it though, I always need to have a bit of everything on my plate. I also still made a bit of room for Christmas pudding afterwards too because it is the Christmas law to have a festive dessert.

The rest of the evening was spent playing games. It was the perfect Christmas day!

Boxing day was just as perfect, my Dad and his fiancee came over for cold meat dinner and we had a lovely afternoon catching up and eating lots more food! We have so much festive food in the house now I don't know what we are going to do with it all! By next week it will feel as though Christmas was a lifetime ago so eating chocolate or shortbread for breakfast won't seem so acceptable. Especially once the new year has rolled in. I love eating naughty food and indulging in the treats you receive or buy at Christmas but it gets to a point where your body cries out for healthy, fresh food and a bit of a detox! I guess that is what skint January is for though ha?

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

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  1. Mummy in law (soon to be Nanny)7 January 2014 at 12:53

    Nic what lovely photos and yes you're right the table did look stunning as did Paul in his onesie!! What a fab picture of my gorgeous family, how lucky am I. xx


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