Monday, 9 December 2013

Maternity OOTD: Tartan and Fur.

I love this time of year when it comes to fashion. I love summer but by far, Autumn and Winter are my favourite fashion seasons. I think it is because you can be more creative with outfit combos because it is cold and therefore you want to layer up whereas in the summer it (or when it) is hot you just want something on that will keep you cool (still stylish but of course, less imagination) also, being a bit body conscious means there are lots of summer 'looks' and trends and love but don't feel confident in participating in. That is never the case at this time of year.

My favourite two things this season are tartan and fur. I love this look either together or separately. The funny thing about these two trends is I remember wearing both exactly ten years ago in 2003! It just goes to show you how trends do come and go then come back again, quite quickly too! I remember I had a red tartan skirt I bought from Topshop which was kilt inspired and a white faux fur gilet which I wore to death. It got to the point where even after a wash it still looked dirty where my arms rubbed against it. This was when 'boho' was really in and so were cowboy boots and boho skirts. Ah memories! Doesn't seem like ten years ago! 

Anyway, once again those two trends are back and they are big! I bought a tartan tube skirt from Topshop the other week (tube skirts are great for pregnant women if you don't want to shop in the maternity section) The great thing also about tube skirts is they can be styled up or down. They are so comfy too! I desperately wanted some tartan treggings but alas they didn't have a maternity version for me and bump and I tried on the normal version in a larger size and while they fitted for now, I could tell it wouldn't be for long. This skirt caught my eye though and is just as lovely! 

The faux fur gilet was a big steal! I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one because I know I won't wear it all the time mainly down to the fact I prefer to wear coats these days (old) and I also have a faux fur coat that I will wear to death too. I had an idea of what I wanted but couldn't find it anywhere then when we went to Basildon a couple of weekends ago we decided to have a wander around the market. I haven't wandered around or bought anything from Basildon market since I was about 15 but lo and behold, on one of the stalls was a faux fur gillet - exactly the type I had been looking for too! And it was the last one left for £15. Bargain! 

I love wearing them together, I think they look so stylish! I also think the skirt looks great with a blouse or plain black top and the gilet glams up any plain outfit too.

Very happy!

TOP: Pilot | GILET: Basildon Market | SKIRT: Topshop | BOOTS: Linzi

*Disclaimer: In light of the recent discovery that Topshop will NOT be withdrawing their angora products from their shops despite the revelation that angora rabbits are tortured for their fur in China I will be boycotting the store until this decision is reversed (at least). Unfortunately at the time this post was scheduled I was not aware of this information.

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  1. Love this outfit!! You are very pretty!!! Besos!!!


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