Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Weekend.

Wow, Tuesday already! And I am late in posting a weekend post YET AGAIN. Please forgive my bloggy sloppiness, lately, it doesn't feel as though there are enough hours in the day! I had this post all drafted up on Sunday evening so felt super organised but alas, I hadn't got my act together with regards to photos. Apologies! Here we are though, at least it isn't Thursday and we have long forgotten last weekend and are counting down to the next one....

Enough waffle let's get on with the post.

My weekend was extremely festive indeed which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside especially as the festive season has only just began and there is much more to look forward to! Eeeep! 

Friday was a bit mad with sales and stuff wasn't it what with it being Black Friday? Not something I had heard of before because obviously it comes from America, their first Friday after Thanksgiving where the retailers slash prices in order to take their profits out of the red and into the black. What with the world being the tiny place it is now in terms of the world wide web it seems a lot of the retailers over this side of the pond decided to jump on the bandwagon (that and of course the fact a lot of our retailers are American too). I must admit, I will never EVER understand the notion behind going crazy in the aisles for sale items. The pictures of ASDA superstores packed to the rafters made me feel exhausted just by looking at them. The fact people got into fights and subsequently arrested too is beyond belief. The sensible among us saw Black Friday as a chance to browse some online Christmas pressie bargains and I was one of those people. I was very happy with the purchases I made.... and with the further purchases I made Saturday afternoon. I have got most of it done now thankfully!

Saturday morning we had a wander around the Christmas market in Basildon which was lovely. We treated ourselves to a hot dog and had a browse around the already crazy shops before heading home to the warm. Hubby went out to watch football for the afternoon and I spent it lazing on the sofa in my new Primark Christmas PJ bottoms, eating chocolate, shopping for pressies online (and working through the mound of washing in the spare room!)

Sunday was the big day; December 1st! Which meant only one thing in my eyes: CHRISTMAS TREE DAY! I had to buy a new one this year because the one we have is huge and so too big for our living room now. I bought a smaller one that I must admit was also much easier to assemble than the bigger one (we have kept the bigger one just in case it can used again some time in the future). I also bought a couple of new little decorations for the house. To make it the ultimate festive day I made us hot chocolate with marshmellows, bought some mince pies and put on Christmas songs for while we made the house more festive. Once it was all done we watched a Christmas film! It was the perfect start to December in my eyes.

I don't think December 1st is too early for decorations personally, simply because you have spent the money on them and only use them once a year so it's nice to get the most use out of them! The house looks so cosy and twinkly and can never resist holding out until just before December to put them up. I can understand why people prefer to leave it nearer to Christmas day though, I must admit once it gets near New Year I am ready to take them down.....but then that could have something to do with sulking that it is all over again for another year!

Has anyone else put their Christmas tree and decorations up yet?



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