Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Home Stretch is here!

Blimey, I can't quite believe it but today I am 29 weeks pregnant, can someone explain where the time has gone please?

There really isn't long left at all till bump becomes baby so after Christmas we really need to pull our finger out and get the last things sorted namely turning the spare room into a nursery! We don't plan on painting it, we both agreed to keep it neutral and just accessorise once baby is here with a view to the notion we can always decorate or paint it further down the line. We need to buy the pram and we need to buy the nursery furniture which is what January will be all about (hopefully we will find some sale bargains?!) as well as getting together things I will need for my hospital bag (EEEK) My hubby's cousin emailed me a list of what she has in her bag so I have that to go by should I have a huge mind blank, which I predict I will. Her baby is due New Years Day!

So, third trimester as it is called - what am I to expect? Well if I wasn't feeling uber sexy already there is the possibility of developing varicose veins, piles and stretch marks! More so at this stage because the baby is growing at a faster rate now so I am getting bigger quicker and it is putting pressure on muscles, skin etc etc. I have read the best thing to do is not stay in one position too long so rather than stay sat at my desk all day I make sure I get up and walk around. Another tip to try and avoid those awful veins is to sit with your legs elevated which I have been doing a lot lately. Luckily we have a corner sofa so I can sit huddled in the corner with my legs up on the sofa and no worry of taking up all the room.

Last week I was feeling quite emotional and having a lot of wobbles which was horrible! I didn't feel positive at all nor did I feel excited plus I kept getting myself really worked up about the thought of labour and the birth. I think that's normal though as I feel much better this week and any mum or mum to be I have spoken to has felt the same which was reassuring. My attitude this week is 'yeah it'll hurt but it'll be worth it at the end and won't last forever!' I need to keep myself thinking positive and knowing that I can do it rather than negative thoughts. It is hard to think that way though when your hormones are running wild and the slightest thing like a Christmas advert or not being able to get a boot on makes you blub.

All in all, I am feeling pretty good! I do have some painful aches in my pelvis and lower back which can happen so again, must make sure I rest however even that has eased up this week. If I do too much walking or housework it can make my back seize up and it's quite painful but these last few days I have felt OK. I am obviously being quite lazy this week!

I am looking forward to the break over Christmas and looking forward to quality time spent with family and friends which is always good for the soul! Then January is my last month at work! Quite odd to think  I will only be working one month in 2014 (well at an office job anyway, motherhood is a whole other job in itself) January is also when hubby's cousins baby is due too so that's something amazing to look forward to and it is also hubby's birthday which I always looks forward to too!


  1. Not long now! I can't wait to meet them! xx

    1. Can't wait for bump to meet bloggy family either Aunty Penny :) xx


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