Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Topshop Update.

For those of you who are interested I thought I would bring you a quick update following on from my post about Topshop and angora rabbits that are tortured for their fur which I wrote about yesterday.

Last night I went to bed very disappointed that despite a huge outcry from the public with endless tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram comments and any other forms of communication you can contact the fashion giant by, they still remained silent choosing instead to continue posting their usual fashion fix outfit posts or information about their latest sale or store openings. 

Today however they have FINALLY broken their silence....

Earlier this morning they released a statement on their Facebook page which read the following:

'' Having listened to the concerns of customers and further to an in-depth discussion with PETA regarding the use of angora, we have instructed our suppliers to halt the sourcing of products containing angora fibre whilst we investigate alternatives.''
- Topshop, 10/12/13

A step in the right direction at last. They haven't advised whether this means they will also be removing their current angora items from sale, I have contacted them and asked them if this is the case but as I got no response yesterday I am not hopeful to hear back. Yes the jumpers may already be made and on the hangers in store but that isn't the point - if you continue to sell them you are still profiting from the cruel abuse of these animals.

Watch this space!

If I hear anything back from Tosphop regarding the removal of their existing angora products I will update you all further.

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