Monday, 2 December 2013

Waterstones Nano WriMo Challenge.

Hi All, This November was Nano WriMo month which is 'National Novel Writing Month' and as you may or may not know, I have studied creative writing in the past so was extremely excited to be one of eight bloggers who were picked to take part in the Waterstones Story Cube project. The task is that we were all sent a pack of  'Rory's story cubes' and each blogger has to write a chapter, based on what cubes they have rolled (in keeping with the previous chapters of course!) Due to my holiday, my addition is slightly late (sorry other contributors!) but I hope it was worth that wait. I was quite nervous doing this as it was totally out of my writing comfort zone but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you do too, before you read my chapter you may wish to read the other chapters first so that you know the story.... I really recommend that you do!



'Your names Brian Malloy? Brian Malloy' I could feel myself getting slightly hysterical. 'Brian, is your name supposed to mean something to me? Because it makes as much sense to me as this whole situation I have woken up to find myself in.'

'Ed, don't...' Anna-Belle sounded as tired and fed up as me yet still she didn't want me to lose my cool.  'Brian to help to'

I suddenly caught sight of something in her hand, she was forever twiddling with stuff whenever she was anxious, whether it was her hair, a pen or a loose piece of fabric she had unraveled from her clothing. Upon closer inspection I could see that it was a magnet, an old type from the old world. Objects from the old world were extremely rare, I for one had never seen anything from that time and yet today I had seen various items from that era.

'Brian....and his wife.....he...they are from the old world.' Anna-Belle stuttered. 

'What?!' I didn't feel as though I had heard her correctly. 'But.... That's impossible! That's more than impossible!' I stumbled back in disbelief, my bare foot squished on something cold and mushy, I nearly slipped but just managed to catch my footing. An apple. There were loads of apples, everywhere. Strewn around the entire floor. Why were there apples?

'It's true Ed.' Anna-Belle continued. 'They have been living in a secret place hidden away from this world, but now the time has come for them to resurface and take back a world that was once theirs.'

'But Anna-Belle, we have been taught all about the old world and it's people, we read book after book in school. We were taught about how evil they were and their sorcery.' I grabbed her hands and pulled her face to face with me to ensure I had her full attention. 'The people of the old world, they are another species.... something from another world. Not only that they were killed off because of how dangerous they were. Those who couldn't be killed were imprisoned eternally, to die among their own and to maintain peace here in the new world.' She looked as though she was about to cry, her bottom lip pursed. I shook her, I didn't want her to cry. I gave pulled her to me and held her tight, breathing her in.

'Oh Ed. The history books are all lies....what everyone was taught....they are all lies. Why do you think it was continuously instilled in children at school? The people of the old world were not evil, the people of the new world are. They were not from here but took on a life form to seem as though they were, they wanted this planet for themselves. I know this because....' She paused then let out a sigh and tilted her head to the floor. 'I am from the old world too, Brian is......well he is the leader of the old world. He has been running this place up here to keep an eye on what is going on so he can report back down there......I was sent here because it was believed only I had the heart to seek a chosen one from the new world to help us...... '

I was frozen by her words, before I had even a second to digest what Anna-Belle had said, there was a loud noise from outside and a bright light shone through the keyhole piercing the darkness. 

'Come on! We need to get moving!' Brian ushered us to the back of the room. ' There isn't much time........'

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