Friday, 13 December 2013

Winter Wonderland at Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Mrs Claus's Kitchen in the Ice Palace.

Last week myself and the lovely Penny from LillesandLove went along to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent to take a look at their new Winter Wonderland which had just opened. Both of us were very excited and arriving at Bluewater to all the gorgeous, sparkly festive decorations which were adorned EVERYWHERE in the mall made us even more giddy. We both love this festive time of year and as it was the first festive event we had both been thus far, we were looking forward to it! 

I do love Bluewater, I don't go there enough. It has such a brilliant array of shops and great places to eat as well as great leisure facilities.  

The Winter Wonderland is set in the Glow events venue of Bluewater, upon arriving we were greeted with the  HUGE 40 metre snow slide which made the inner child within me yell:


 I reeeeeally wanted to have a go! alas, my actual inner child i.e. my growing bun in the oven meant that I couldn't - it had better be there next year!! (there is a smaller version inside for littluns).

In Winter Wonderland there are arcade games to entertain the teens such as air hockey and there are also traditional fairground attractions and facilities as well as a huge real ice skating rink. Over looking the ice rink is the stunning ice palace where you will find Santa and his elves busy preparing for Christmas and where families can go and visit him. You can also visit Mrs. Claus's kitchen which I loved!

While wandering around you can treat yourself to yummy wintry indulgences such as hot chocolate or mulled wine for the grown ups as well as traditional fairground treats like popcorn, candy floss and ice cream.

Whilst we wandered and soaked up the festive atmosphere I watched the children play and queue up to meet Santa or enjoy the treats. I can remember that feeling of being a child and finding that whole experience of visiting a grotto or wonderland magical and can't wait to do it again with our littlun in a few years.

Anyone else been over to Bluewater's winter wonderland this year? 

The ice skating rink overlooked by the ice palace.

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