Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Christian Dior Lipstick.

For Christmas, my lovely mummy got me this gorgeous Dior lippy along with some Dior nail varnishes (which I am also going to write about when I next use them). I really love it!

What I love most is it is a subtle red and so perfect for every day wear, most of my lipsticks are bright and in your face whereas this one is a subtle hint of colour.

Even better, it feels great on your lips. On first use I loved how it 'moistened up' upon coming into first contact with my lips, it stayed as a lipstick but became a little softer so it was easy to apply and pleasant to wear. Right now I seem to wear it at least four times a week, probably more.

I would definitely look at buying a Dior lipstick again because of the quality of this one. It will be a great colour to wear in the Spring when the evenings start getting lighter and we don't want such dark or bold colours like we do in Winter.

The only issue I have is it was part of a gift set with a miniature perfume and of course, I have thrown the gift box away so don't know the name of this shade! VERY ANNOYING INDEED. My plan is to take it to a Dior counter and hunt for it!

What do you think? 

Have you tried Christian Dior's lipsticks?

N.B. - It is slightly 'rosier' than photo shows, not quite sure why it is showing up so light!


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