Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Thoughts.


It might be grey and miserable outside but it is Friday. I am happy. Rain all you wish.

I can't wait for a girly catch up with pizza and nibbles tomorrow (they are not the nicknames of friends, we are having pizza and nibbles when we catch up)

I can't bloody wait to not have an alarm wake me up tomorrow morning either. 

Does my hair look as big as it feels? Cos right now it feels really big..... kind of afraid to look in the mirror.

Really hope that missing little boy in Edinburgh is found safe and well.

Chinese was NOT a good idea for dinner last night.... still full!

Wherever we are going for dinner tonight for hubby's birthday I am having salad. I really am.

 Why is my phone suddenly not working properly no matter what I do to it or how many times I restart it? (HELP)

 (With reference to the above) Why is my upgrade not until June?

Can I leave the washing up / tidying up left over from the takeaways last night in the hope that a little elf type being will come and do it for me when I'm not looking?

When is the warmer weather coming? 

 I REALLY need to have a little meet up with some bloggy chums soon. Have the Essex Meet Up end of February which is exciting as missing seeing them face to face to talk all things BLOG.

 Will I still have a major sweet tooth craving post pregnancy or go back to normal? Or is this it now? I am destined to be a chocolate hoarder known to hide (yes HIDE) secret stashes of choccy away so my husband doesn't find it. 

 Can't wait to have a new fence up in the back garden by the end of tomorrow. YES I AM EXCITED ABOUT A FENCE.

Another weekend is approaching, will this be the one where I will actually go out, buy hair dye and colour my hair? Probably not....

One weekend left after this one before I start maternity leave and therefore start panicking about the last minute things. 

Thinking about it....maybe I should actually just wait and dye my hair when I have finished up work....I will have much more time then? Makes sense....

Happy Friday All 

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