Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Thoughts.


Why do air fresheners, no matter what the cost, smell AMAZING when you first open them/plug them in/put in the reeds but seem to fade with in what seems like only a DAY?

Why is there SO much football on the TV? Seriously? Someone please do something....

Stormy weather is set to return which to me says bring the duvet downstairs and watch films with a hot chocolate.

Next week is my last week at work before maternity leave..... OH MAAA GAAADDD.

I actually cannot remember what it is like to put boots on without getting out of breath.

Despite the rubbish weather, has anyone noticed the evenings are staying lighter ever so slightly longer? YIPPEEEEE!!

Housework is never ending, why is there mess literally half an hour after cleaning? (I do realise this is NOTHING compared to how it will be this time next year with a crawling baby causing trouble!) 

Starting work just half an hour earlier this week has knocked me for six!

Obsessed with Alpen for breakfast currently.....with blueberries and strawberries. Yummmm.

Can't wait for a lazy weekend!

Happy Friday All



  1. At first I thought you meant american football then realized this is a UK blog haha ahhh there's so much (american) football on tv over here!! I guess there's the Super Bowl coming up so after that it'll be on a break for a bit! (woo)
    And congrats on your little one, that's exciting! Yes, this time next yr will be quite different haha but lovely in a whole nother way :)
    Happy Weekend!

    1. It's the world cup this year so that means football is on pretty much ALL YEAR over here as usually we get a little break between seasons.....ah well! At least I will have a little one to distract me from it all and blogging for when baby is sleeping!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend :)



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