Thursday, 16 January 2014

Happy Birthday Hubby!

This is just a little soppy post to wish my gorgeous husband a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 29 today! Eeeek. 

Because it is his last in his 20's AND his last before becoming a Dad I wanted it to be special which is why his main pressie was a day out at Upton Park which you will have previously read about. Last night I made a yummy dinner and some of my family came over to bring his presents and wish him happy birthday, my Mum also made him a chocolate birthday cake (which I am pleased to say there is is still a lot of left over!) 

Tonight we were going to go for dinner but his sister, brother and fiancé are now coming over for a takeaway instead which will be lovely and we have said we will go for dinner tomorrow night instead, - prolonging the celebrations! Not only that, he will be going to Upton Park Saturday with his football mates to watch the game and have a few drinks to celebrate too.

Not too shabby I'd say?

He hasn't opened his presents from me yet so has that to look forward to when he gets home as well as treating himself to yummy food (after a birthday run of course!)

Happy Birthday Paddy!!!!! 

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  1. AND maybe a Skype with me too - cos I'm feeling too far


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