Monday, 13 January 2014

I can't wait for... (post bump edition)

*Photo courtesy of Pinterest

1) Meeting my baby
2) Being able to say I have given birth and feeling like a MACHINE (Whilst kissing the guns obv)
3) Having my body back 
4) Hopefully having my waist back!
5) Being able to eat mouldy cheese...yum!
6) Being able to eat lobster obsessed with trying it, looks so yummy! not long now!
7) Finding out if we have a boy or girl
8) Not aching
9) Being a mummy and seeing my hubby be a brilliant daddy
10) Seeing my baby do things for the first time like react, smile, sit up and everything else.....I am going to be a baby bore!!! (don't worry, not on here!) 
11) Not counting how many cups of tea or coffee I am having in a day or remembering to take supplements for a healthy bubba.
12) Feeling that first gush of love for this little person
13) The Spring! It will be lighter! Me and the bub can go for lovely walks together
14) Making our parents proud grandparents
15) Talking in a silly baby voice
16) Having an excuse to play with toys again (big kid)
17) Baby smell
18) Looking at this little person in disbelief that they are MINE!
19) Being able to wear normal jeans again and not maternity ones
20) Having the nursery all finished

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