Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lately... Life Update

Hello! Wow, my first little update post of 2014. Can you believe it is already the 7th? Soon be Christmas..... Joking aside, have you seen that there is already Easter stuff in the shops? Not lots I will say, it is being subtly introduced in but EASTER! ALREADY?! Some of us still have our pine-less Christmas trees outside the front of the house ready for collection.

I was up and back at work on Monday 6th January before the sun had even made an appearance and felt very fresh and ready to go despite a bad nights sleep. The holidays felt so long, it felt as though I had been off of work a month! A nice feeling though because you feel fully recharged and ready to start again. Especially when you know that you finish up work for the year at the end of January! (18 days to go).

Over the holidays (which began in 1682) we obviously had the last minute Christmas bits and bobs to do as well as celebrating Christmas itself (all of which I have posted about) The rest of the hol's were spent getting a few bits done in the house and catching up with family and friends. 

A couple of times we had people over for dinner or drinks which was lovely, a couple of times we went to friends for drinks. One particular evening just after Christmas we went to our close friends for a takeaway and catch up and ended up playing monopoly until 1am. The boys drank beer and then gin and got more and more competitive as the night went on. That was quite funny!

Hubby sorted out the cupboard under the stairs which was AMAZING of him because it was driving me up the wall and as I find it hard to bend down to get in there, it wasn't a job I could take on really. Plus when I needed to get in there for odds and sods if I couldn't find what I was looking for it was agg trying to search. Now it is all pretty and shiny and new and best of all ORGANISED. It probably won't stay like that but I am going to bloody try and make sure it does!

We also cleared out the spare room of any of our belongings ready for nursery furniture! There wasn't a lot in there really just some wedding presents and keepsake pieces and a desk with old paperwork in which is now empty and ready to go. A couple more weeks and it should look more like a baby's room.

When we haven't been social or productive we have been lazy and greedy. Enjoying a nice film accompanied by the many boxes of chocolates we were given for Crimbo. I have eaten so much I feel as though this baby will come out as one big choccy truffle!

We also took advantage of the sales with the gift vouchers we received as presents. One particular day we took a trip over to Lakeside with hubby's brother in tow and spent the morning having a mooch about, starting off in Costa for a nice cup of non festive coffee! When we were shopped out we headed back towards home and stopped off at a local pie and mash shop for lunch! 

All in all, we had a lovely break - it was great to spend some quality time with my husband especially as when he next has two weeks off now it will be for paternity leave and there will be a third little person living with us. It was also lovely to catch up with friends and have some major chill out time... I got far too used to afternoon naps while I was off! This week is definitely going to be a big shock to the system!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Xmas - busy and lazy all at the same time! But, if you think this Xmas was good, wait til next year when you'll have an 9 month old crawling around! xx

    1. Yeah it was nice thanks hun! Will be completely different this year! :) xx


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