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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lately....Life Update.


Happy Wednesday to you all... Hope this week is treating you well....

I nearly didn't blog again today, but even though it was just yesterday that I took a break it feels as though it has been AGES! I have vowed nowadays to not write if I do not feel inspired simply because when I force myself to write something, I feel as though it is drivel and not worthy of being read. To me, it is much better to stay silent and leave it a couple of days, then come back feeling refreshed and inspired again, ready to write you lovely lot some cracking blog posts!! ;) rather than churning out nothingness for the sake of posting.

As I said though, it was only a day's break in the end simply because I wanted to write and let you know what I have been up to lately. It isn't anything too much really or too exciting. The biggest thing I have been doing over the last week or so is giving my blog a little revamp. If you're a regular visitor you may have already noticed it. Isn't it pretty?? I am the biggest geek about things like this but I am SOOO pleased with how it looks. I keep looking at it like you would a new boyfriend and I can't take my eyes away....... *SIGH* I liked how it looked before just felt it need a bit of polishing up, I wanted a little bit of a sleeker, cleaner finish to it plus I wanted less red. I love red but felt as though the previous look was too much! A few changes here and there and it is a lot kinder on the eyes.......The revamp is another reason I was itching to write some new posts too!

Aside from that I have had a couple of girly catch ups which have been nice. On Saturday I spent most of the day at a friends with some other girly chums eating yummy snacks and catching up. We were there for hours, time really does fly when you're having fun! I also had my two best friends over for a quick cuppa and catch up last night which was lovely. Because of hectic lives, we don't go out all glammed up as much as we used to for one reason or another: children, pregnancy, money, prior arrangements but missed seeing each other so decided it was much easier to arrange a quick catch up on a week night. Inexpensive, no need to dress up and a chance to have a good old natter. We talk so much the night flies by and because it is only a couple of hours we are always itching to get the next week night date arranged to carry on! Hubby jokes that we seem to say goodnight then stand at the front door for another half hour chatting. So true! We have said we will make sure we have more girly nights out this year though, even if it is just a few times. It will be nice to get dressed up and go out just us three like we used to and have fun. 

Aside from that not much has been happening, hubby has thrown himself back into marathon training so we are back to healthy eating and he is back to his running plan. I am quite pleased actually as still feel as though I am in a sweetness coma from Christmas even though it was nearly a month ago now (WHERE HAS THAT TIME GONE?) I have only got next week left at work before I pack up for my maternity leave so now have my replacement in the office for training which is weird, making it more realistic now! My sleep pattern has gone quite strange too. I seem to get a bit of insomnia now and thenwhich prevents me from nodding off or wakes me up, that is if I don't just wake up because of being uncomfortable. I am not too bothered though now I know I am getting near to finishing up work. If I have a bad night's sleep I can always have a nap during the day to make up for it (and of course tweet about it just for the benefit of all you lucky people at work).

That is all that has been happening really aside from stocking up on baby bits and bobs and finishing off sorting out the spare - soon - to - baby's - room. 

Hope you are having a nice hump day and have some lovely plans being made for the weekend!

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