Monday, 13 January 2014

My Weekend.


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I feel as though I didn't stop throughout mine I must admit and suddenly it is the working week once again. Luckily the sun is shining though which always makes it a bit nicer! Hope it is shining where you are today.

My weekend was nice an packed out, on Saturday I took my die hard West Ham supporting husband to Upton Park for a stadium tour as a birthday present. You are split into two groups and then  taken around by a former West Ham player for two hours while they tell you bits and bobs about behind the scenes and their memories of playing at the club.

You get to take lots of photos which is good, you go into the VIP boxes, Chairman's boxes and seats in the stadium, all the different club lounges as well as the changing rooms and interview rooms. Finally we ended up down on the pitch - well not actually ON the pitch as you weren't allowed on the grass - where you have your photo taken together professionally. You also have one with the player who took us on the tour - in this case it was Alan Taylor. 

Finally, you head back to the lounge you started in for a pie and mash dinner, a quiz and a Q&A session. I am by no means a football fan in the slightest and do not know anything about the players, the game or whatever but I have to say I had a really good day, much more than I thought I would. Most importantly though, hubby had a great day which is what I had hoped for!

I loved that these players were so approachable and down to earth and that they were happy to chat to you and answer questions. It was a  good day!

Once we were home, we decided to get into our comfy clothes and snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film whilst enjoying a naughty pizza!

On Sunday we went to get baby's buggy which was very exciting! We never thought we would see the day we would be eager to buy a pram but that has arrived and it was yesterday! We had a massive result too because thanks to researching online, hubby had found the travel system we wanted on offer with a couple of free extras. The place that was doing it was a pram company based in Wigan but they delivered to anywhere in the UK. The package came to the same price that the biggest children's retailers were selling just a basic package for. We tried our luck in Kiddicare and asked if they would be willing to match the offer we had found, I didn't think they would do it if I am honest but they did! I couldn't believe it. I am so so happy! We wanted to pay that bit more and get a travel system plus pay for a pram / pushchair that would last so we won't end up going through lots of them! We had seen the Stokke travel system a while back and hubby had researched it online and not read one bad review. Now we have one of our own, ready for baby! As I say, I do realise how sad I sound being excited about this!

After that successful shop we popped over to see hubby's cousin and her fiancé and their new baby daughter Layla who she gave birth to last week. She is BEAUTIFUL. It is so weird to think that she is here now as his cousin and I have been texting each other loads about pregnancy related minute she is in bump club and the same b oat as me, not knowing the sex and the next, she has had a healthy baby girl. It was lovely to meet her and it has made me even more excited for our little ones arrival.

Sunday evening was sent chilling out, making the most of the last part of the weekend. It went so fast! The week's do as well though so it will soon be Friday again! 

Hope everyone has a good one! x


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend. I've not been to upton park for years. Next time I go I'll probably be taking Oscar with me!


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