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Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Bling and a little Give Away!

For Christmas every year my Dad and his partner always buy me a Topshop voucher because they know it is my temple.

Normally that gives me a chance to go and take advantage of the January sales while also picking up some key items for the Spring. Because of being heavily pregnant though, I didn't really want to go and spend my money on clothes even for next season firstly because I would like to try them on and can't for obvious reasons and secondly because I have no idea what size I will be after baby. I could lose all the weight and be a different shape or be bigger than before I was pregnant. WHO KNOWS. Either way, I know I will want some new togs after the baby is born whether it is because I can't fit into my old wardrobe or just to treat myself to something new and in season. I did also receive a Lakeside voucher for Christmas from my mother in law so this is being saved for some Spring purchases!

Because I haven't bought clothes, my Topshop voucher has mainly gone on updating my jewellery collection. I don't buy it too often and normally when I do it is because I have come to realise that none of my fashion jewellery is on trend so I rush out and have a little stock up! I figured now was a good time to do the same thing! Not quite sure why I do it like this because I do love fashion jewellery but hey ho....I obviously love clothes and shoes just that little bit more! 

Here is what I bought:

As you can see, there is a lot of chunkiness going on and a lot of statement pieces. That is what fashion jewellery is all about though isn't it? Making a statement and adding a whole new edge to an outfit. I love each and every item I have bought, especially because they are all quite different from each other too. Some of these items were sale items and so may not be available online or in store any more. Not all of them were though so have a browse if any catch your eye!

The above left necklace caught my eye as it was quite different, I ordered it online and then was a bit unsure as to whether or not I would like it but when it arrived I loved it! It is stunning and unique. The necklace to the right is a fave because it is layered and chunky, looks like a Mr T choice! I have yet to wear it thought so will have to change that this week. I also love that it is silver and gold so you're not limited on what other jewellery you wear with it.

These three are probably my favourites buys...only just though! The gold one to the left sits really nicely and finishes off any outfit with a nice eye catching shine! I have worn it mainly with plain chunky knit jumpers and it looks great! The middle one just caught my eye because of it's unique design and the necklace to the right has been on my wishlist for a while now, the ultimate chunky statement piece plus this one is also gold and silver too.

I am a silver jewellery wearer usually and always will be but lately have found myself attracted to more gold items. Because of this I have had to invest in rings and earrings as well as necklaces because everything else I own is silver or is a bright colour.

I love the triangle ring and have been wearing this on my wedding finger simply because my wedding ring is silver but I don't like to go out not wearing a ring there, so if I am wearing fashion jewellery I always ensure there is a ring on that finger still.

The midi rings were chosen because one of them has my initial 'N' on them and I liked that personal touch. Finally with regards to the earrings, I loved the simplicity of the shapes. I love big earrings for going out but for during the day work these are perfect.

What do you think of my purchases? Have you brought any new fashion jewellery items lately?


Because I have been blogging TWO YEARS this month and because I am enjoying it more than ever plus meeting lots of lovely new people all the time, I wanted to give something back! So while I was buying myself some new bits I bought something a little extra for one of you lovely readers....

It is a Topshop ditsy eagle necklace in silver, cute and small but still eye catching none the less I think you will agree. Perfect for work if you want to wear something a bit funky but understated. I love it, I think it is a great little piece and I hope you do too.

If you want be in with a chance to win, just enter below!


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  1. Found your blog via a tweet about your giveaway by @lilliesandlove. To answer your question - I like finding a new blog that is relateable. Someone that I am able to connect with in some way or other. Looking forward to reading more of you blog. x

    Yaya @ The Frugality Project

  2. I think fun content and personality of the blogger coming through! Great giveaway! :) Beth xx

  3. A great design draws me into a new blog, then I consider content. Does the blogger post regular? Are the topics varied? Is it interesting? Great giveaway!

  4. I think the thing that draws me in is good writing - being able to connect with the blogger is important for sure! They have to be writing about something I'm interested in too :)



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