Tuesday, 4 February 2014

90s Fashion Revival!

Walking around Lakeside yesterday and browsing the windows of Topshop, Forever 21 and River Island, I found myself very quickly building up a wishlist for Spring and Summer. There are so many gorgeous items out there and fabulous looks which makes me long for the hotter days even more than I already was!

Because it is still bitterly cold out there though, I am lusting after a light wash denim jacket with the fleece lining. I first saw Zoella wearing one in one of her YouTube vids and have seen them everywhere since! Whether or not I actually get one is another story of course, I can't imagine it will be boiling hot by the time I have had the baby but I can't imagine it being fleecey jacket weather either. Who knows though, the weather in this country is never predictable is it?

Anyway, I found myself watching '2point4 Children' this morning which I LOVED when I was growing up. For anyone who doesn't know it is a sitcom from the 1990's about the Porters, an average family who always seem to find themselves in surreal situations or on the receiving end of bad luck. While watching this mornings repeat which was a Halloween episode, I paused the TV to check out exactly what the character of Rhona was wearing. The mobile phone she was chatting on may not be seeing a revival any time soon but her outfit most definitely is. Who would of thought a mid 90's ensemble such as this would be the height of fashion once again 20 years later?! 

In case you can't make it out from my quick snap of the TV, she is wearing a tartan dress, dark denim jacket with the fleece lining and a black hat with leopard print trim. Sadly, I never got to see what shoes finished off her look but I can imagine chunky heels of some sort....or maybe creepers.

I love how fashion styles and looks get revived. Some looks should be worn again and again and given a fresh new revamp.

What do you think of what Rhona is wearing?

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