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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Haul - My Latest Buys for the Home.

I am a sucker for pretty things for the home, I can't think of anything more important than making the most of the four walls you reside in and creating the ultimate 'feel good' environment, whatever that means for you. I know time and money can get in the way of creating your dream home but to me, a 'working progress' home is much more fun than a 'complete' home. Buying odd accessories now and then to continue to add to your look is as exciting as buying a new pair of shoes in my eyes. I love seeing my home come together gradually over time. With regards to the money side of things, we live in a day and age where you can buy gorgeous things for your abode and spend tons of cash should you wish or very little. You can even rummage for goodies in charity shops, I have found many a gem for just a couple of pounds in lots of charity shops and it's great knowing you have donated to a good cause as well as bagged yourself a bargain.

Recently, I have found myself 'nesting' and wanting to add a few accessories around the home as well as finish off long overdue jobs before baby arrives and takes up all of our attention. We painted our hall a few months ago but didn't do the most wonderful of jobs so our friend who is a professional is going to come around at some point to finish it off for us. I can't wait for it to be complete especially because we still have masking tape everywhere, it will be nice to get rid of that! Also, now is the best time to get him over while I am off and while all is calm. I also want the oven professionally cleaned as you are not allowed to clean it while pregnant because of the fumes in the products but I love a clean oven (Yup, sad) so really want to get it done! 

Anyway, enough of all of that.......WHAT HAVE I BEEN BUYING LATELY? If you didn't already know or you don't follow me on Instagram (if you don't, why don't you?!) I am huge vintage fan, I am a huge vintage inspired fan, I am a huge shabby chic fan, I love unusual things that may not always be everyone's cup of tea (hence the big bright blue side cabinet in our living room) and I love lots of mismatching and lots of colour! There is no rhyme or reason in our living room, nothing matches in the sense of colour but it does somehow all go together (I think anyway!) There is actually no rhyme or reason in any of our house but I do think the living room is the heart of my mismatching obsession. 

The walls are all painted and papered as we want (apart from the previously mentioned hall) so it really is all about accessorising and making it even more homely than it already is, here are my latest purchases:

Mercury Candle Holder - Dunelm Mill £3.99 each

I love these! They are described as gold on the website but as you can see, they are much more of a silver colour. I liked them in gold when I ordered them but actually prefer them in silver so am extremely happy. I love the finish and can't wait to buy some nice stinky candles to put in them. 

Butterfly Ornament - ASDA £4.00

I was browsing for candles in the home section of my local Asda when this caught my eye. When I saw it was only £4.00 I just had to have it! It goes perfectly on the blue side unit in the living room and I just love it! I am so glad I bought it.

Vintage Collection Hanging Heart Cushion - Dunelm Mill £1.99

In my home, in every room there are hanging heart accessories - I have come to realise that I have a little (BIG) obsession with them. I can't help it though, they are so so simple but finish off a piece of furniture perfectly or add a little 'something' to a door by hanging it from the handle. I am quite surprised that hubby hasn't put a ban on me buying or making any more hanging heart accessories. Luckily they are subtly dotted around the house so I don't think they look too OTT, if they do I don't mind anyway as I love them!! This beaut has been hung on the landing (see below pic) at the top of the stairs under my framed revamp of hubby's wedding speech and as you can see, there is also a GORGEOUS full length mirror sitting there waiting to be hung on the wall to complete this corner. My mother in law bought it us as a Christmas present and I love it! I also love that I finally have a full length mirror after using my reflection in the conservatory doors to gage whether or not an outfit looked good. Hurrah! How pretty does this corner look now? I love it! (excuse the bloody masking tape!!)

Silver Square bowl and Pot Pourri - ASDA £3.50 and £2.00

I have wanted pot pourri in the house for ages, it smells good and looks good too! So I decided this week was the week I had to buy some. I chose this gorgeous yellow selection which I think is perfect for Spring and also because there isn't much  - if any - yellow in our house and it is a happy, bright colour. It isn't an overpowering smell which personally disappointed me, I can smell it when I am near it but nowhere else in the room - not sure if that is how it is meant to be with pot pourri? But I love how it looks and the side table it is sitting on needed something to dress it up which this bowl of brightness does perfectly so all in all I am very happy with it!

Dunelm Mill Hug Bean Bag

Chenille Round Pouffee and Brick Hug Bean Bag in Lime - Dunelm Mill £14.99 and £39.99

We have a corner sofa in the living room but even though it isn't small it can still mean limited seating when we have a few people over. You can fit four guests comfortably on there before it starts getting a bit too cosy and so inevitably a couple of people (usually us) end up sitting on the floor. We have the dining chairs in the conservatory so if needed we bring a couple of those chairs in but it suddenly feels a bit more formal and less comfortable sitting on those away from the dining table, whether you are the one sitting on them or not. Our living room isn't huge and ultimately there is only us here so I am not going to start going mad and making lots of seating for the odd occasions we have people over however because of those times seating has been limited we had been thinking for a while about getting some nice bean bags. They look nice and they are perfect for an extra seat when needed because they are comfortable and unlike the dining chairs, more relaxed.  I ended up buying two so we now have two extra seats, a large lime green one which my husband has already claimed as his own and a smaller black one which slots perfectly by the TV, ready and waiting to be used. They will come in handy when people come over after the baby is born!! P.S. Do you like the blankets casually folded up on the sofa? Another gift from the mother in law that we just can't be without now! His and hers blankets, perfect for watching the TV under!

Small Candle holders - ASDA £1.00 each (with sample Yankee candles £1.00 each)

If you haven't guessed by now, I am a sucker for candles and even more so for stinky candles. We have lots in the living room now and I love nothing more than a dimly lit room. Of an evening, after a hard day at work I like my husband to come home to a cosy atmosphere he can easily relax in which I think fairy lights, lamps and candlelight does. I bought four of these candle holders, two in purple and two in white and have dotted them around downstairs including putting one on the hall table. I like the idea of a dimly lit hall but currently this tiny candle would be the only light out there so it may get moved but for now I think it looks very cute out there. 

That's it for my buys for the home for now! What do you think of what I have bought?


  1. Love homeware posts!! More, more, more please!!


    1. Ah thanks hun! Love homeware posts too so thought I would share my spree! :) xx

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