Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Here's something I made earlier.....

I have been wanting to put a little something up on the bare wall on the landing for a while now but wasn't quite sure what. I had a little play around with some card and craft bits that I had and then came up with the idea of a framed wooden heart (which was something I had previously made by covering  in wrapping paper and the word 'Love') mounted onto some coloured card.

The frame was one I had had a while and was bare wood so I painted it cream to go with the cream card border the centre piece would be mounted on to. Simple idea but (hopefully you will agree) visually stunning! It looks even better than I thought it would which is always a bonus! I am really pleased with it.

Now it is hanging in pride of place on the landing between our bedroom and the bathroom. 

I would always encourage people to make their own little pieces within the home simply because you know it is unique. It is such a nice feeling making something that you are proud of and that other people comment on.

What do you think of my little creation?

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