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Monday, 17 February 2014

Lately..... Life Update.

Hello! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and weren't too battered by the weather? I have just had the LAZIEST of weekends and it was oh so gooood.

Last week I had a bit of a hormonal wobble when I got the time for my midwife appointment mixed up and ended up being late. Cue emotional, silly, heavily pregnant woman in floods of tears on the phone to husband wailing. OOOOPS! Hormones eh? As hubby pointed out though, I am doing too much. I have been trying to fill my days with various tasks and keep on top of housework because if I don't then I feel lazy but what with suffering SPD I am doing myself no favours. (I won't bore you with what that is but should you be interested you can read about it on the NHS website HERE.) Point taken! From now on, I am doing the minimum and putting my feet up when I feel the need to. It makes me feel a lot better and actually makes total sense, after all why would you decide to hoover when you can barely walk? What is the logic behind that? I don't want to cause myself any permanent damage plus I am now hardly sleeping in the night so need to be resting / napping when  I feel like it, I realise that now. I guess I should just enjoy the lazy time as once baby arrives, the notion of rest and relaxation will be a thing of the past and I will wonder why I didn't do it!

Mothercare Shopping Trip
Mothercare Purchases!

So, what else have I been up to? Well the main thing we did on Saturday was venture out into the blustery winds and go to Mothercare to stock up on loads more baby bits. We had some of it but I know we will need more, things like babygros and vests you go through like no tomorrow so can never have too many. It was so nice buying lots of lovely little bits for bump and got me excited for their imminent arrival! (Not that I wasn't already but I admit I haven't got used to the notion that my bump is in fact a baby who will arrive soon and change our lives forever, it will hit me when it happens!). As you will know we haven't found out baby's sex  but there were lots of gorgeous unisex items so it wasn't a problem.

Rest and Relaxation
Relaxing afternoon of reading.

The rest of Saturday was spent being very lazy indeed. Hubby watched football pretty much all day whilst I read. I am currently reading a 'Baby Whisperer' book which I am actually really enjoying and also when my Mum came over Friday to make me lunch (bless her!) she bought me a couple of magazines too so when I felt I had stuffed enough 'new parent' info into my head for one afternoon, I pawed over Grazia. Heaven!

Hubby made a DELICIOUS lamb stew dinner with home made dumplings which simmered away in the slow cooker all afternoon, smelling amazing and making me hungry! It was worth the wait and perfect food for the type of winter weather we have had lately too.

Hubby's Homemade Lamb Stew
Hubby's delicious home made Lamb Stew!! Yummmm.

Aside from that I haven't really done so much. As previously mentioned my Mum came over a couple of times last week to help me out and make sure I am resting and to make me lunch which was lovely. I am also seeing her today too. She has been a star as despite the resting, I am still achy so it goes to show I definitely finished up work at the right time! I am lucky to have Mum close by to help and have such a great hubby!

My brother and his girlfriend also visited from Liverpool last week which was lovely. We didn't do lots, mainly chilled out and caught up (plus my bro had an exam for his plumbing course which he needed to revise for) but we did go out a little bit when the weather was ok-ish. It was nice to see them though and next time they visit, baby will be here and I will more back to normal (although still tired, just for another reason!). Not only that, the weather will be a hell of a lot better so going out won't seem like a chore and they are planning on visiting when hubby runs the London Marathon which will be a great day out!

That's it for me. Not very glamorous at all at the moment! I have been following London Fashion week online and through bloggers on Twitter which has been great (and not made me in the slightest bit jealous!) I hope everyone who has been involved or attended has had an amazing time! It looks like sooooo much fun.....maybe this time next year rodders! I have also been spending a lot of time browsing at my favourite online shops for post pregnancy outfit inspiration, most of which I will share with you on here over the next couple of weeks.

Have a great Monday!


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