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Monday, 3 February 2014

Lately...Life Update (Deluxe Edition!)

Good morning!

I hope you are all very well and had a fab weekend. It is Monday once again and for once, I didn't wake up to the sound of my alarm going off telling me it is time to get ready for work. That's right! today is officially my first day of maternity leave! It feels very odd... I feel like I should be keeping busy but I know I should be resting at the same time. It is a lovely feeling though, so nice to know I have the time to get last minute things ready, sort out stuff within the home that has been on my 'to do' list since forever and of course, rest when needed before baby arrives. 

Because of my impending leave, my blog has taken a mini back seat especially over the last week or so. Because of feeling so tired I just haven't had the energy or brain power to think and didn't want to write crap! Knowing I would have the time to blog more from this week convinced me to wait until I had a bit more time to draft up posts at leisurely pace rather than rushing it.

So, because I haven't concentrated on my blog for a little while I thought it best to let you catch up with my goings on in one bumper post! What better morning than Monday eh? Something to read on your commute into work or while you have that 9am coffee before getting down to work.


A week ago I received one of the most exciting emails I have ever received! A couple of months ago I applied to be an 'ASOS Insider' which means you get exclusive first looks at new collections, invites to ASOS events as well as many other perks which of course I will blog about as and when they happen. When I had an email to say I had been accepted I actually screamed and jumped around the landing! My husband had a little panic that I may send myself into early labour! I was over the moon! 

A few days later I received a cute little welcome package which is a lovely touch (and the nail varnish is RIGHT up my street!) This is what I love about ASOS, they give so much back to those of us who like to shop there. They have a marketplace online for new designers looking for a platform to start selling their designs, they always reply to tweets which a lot of companies don't seem to do in my experience. They have amazing sales! and now this.... I am so excited and proud to be an ASOS Insider and can't wait to see what it brings.

My Last Day

Friday was my last day at work before leaving to have baby, I was thoroughly spoilt which was lovely! My boss got me and hubby a spa weekend break (AMAZING) which is valid until the end of July so of course we are planning to use it as a chance to have much desired 'us time' once the little one is a couple of months old because that kind of time will be even more precious. There is also a complimentary back massage treatment too which I wouldn't be able to have should we go within the next month and after the aches and pains of being pregnant that will be something I will very much look forward to!

My boss also co-owns a sandwich and cake shop with his mum (who runs it) so I went there for lunch on Friday and the girls had got me some gorgeous baby clothes. They are so so cute! It made it feel very real too as we haven't got many clothes because of not knowing the sex. Holding a cute little babygrow that had been bought for us and our baby was quite surreal! in a good way of course but definitely SURREAL. They also got me a gorgoeus bunch of flowers and made us chocolate cupcakes which were yummy! Apologies for my lack of photos, the clothes have been put away and the cupcakes got devoured before I was able to take a photo! Very bad blogger, usually I am first in line annoying everyone because I want to take pictures.

My hubby (the old romantic that he is) also had roses sent to my work for me. What a sweetie! Before I started dating him I had never ever had flowers bought for me and I must admit he has more than made up for that in our time together (yeah I know, YAK!) He does make me laugh too, my mum said to him: 

'You're eager, it isn't valentines day for a couple more weeks yet.'

His response?

'They're cheaper now though.'

Haha, what a romantic! They were a complete surprise though! I did come home feeling very special on Friday.

Baby Shower

On Saturday, my close friend Trisha who is due to give birth to her second child 6 days before me had a baby shower. She knows she is having a boy so there was a lot of blue everywhere and of course lots of nibbles and games. It was a really lovely afternoon especially because I got to catch up with a few faces I haven't seen for a while, got to see a close friend who announced this week that she too is having a baby in early August (eeeek, exciting!) and got to eat yummy food and enjoy a girly afternoon.

I took home a baby blue cupcake that Trisha's talented sister Andrea made. Her cakes are always delish! Sometimes with cupcakes I think the sponge can be bland and the best bit is the icing but Andreas sponges are lovely; soft and sweet and in no way bland! By Saturday night - after having had that, the cupcakes from the shop AND a slice of cake at the shower - needless to say I was quite caked out.... if that is even possible.


On Sunday, hubby and I had a nice lazy day. Thursday after work, I had something come over me and did all the housework that afternoon / evening plus a couple of washes. I am not quite sure how it happened but I was so pleased I did! that meant I could go out Saturday and not worry about it and then on Sunday do any more washing that had built up, clean up any mess that had appeared and know I didn't have to clean the house from top to bottom. That made me enjoy a lazy Sunday even more...that and knowing I could tidy up any mess the next day too. (YES I am sad and can base my life around a tidy and clean house sometimes, sorryyyy! loser alert!) 

This week will be a mix of resting and nesting. I have a few bits I want to do within the home plus I obviously want to take advantage of napping when I feel the need! Sleeping is very difficult now whether it is because of needing the loo, being uncomfortable of even just good old insomnia! I also have more craft items I want to make so I can open my online shop on Etsy hopefully next week! eeeek! I also have a couple of catch ups with friends to look forward to!

Pregnancy wise, I feel fine just achy what with suffering SPD. If I do things like all of the housework it can cripple me slightly but I know it isn't much longer now plus I can rest when I need to now that I am off, a luxury not all mums to be can do if they need to take their leave as near to their due date as possible. Over the last week I have noticed my fingers looking more swollen and even hurting around the knuckles! It feels as if I have been in a fight. Not only that, anyone who knows me would tell you I have silly skinny, bambi type legs - sadly they and my arms are the only skinny parts I possess! It would seem they are taking the strain of the extra weight now though and hurting slightly. Maybe it is finally time to stick to flat boots and put the heels away?? Think these last five weeks or so will be spent living in converse.

That's my little round up! 

Hope everyone has a great Monday.....speak soon!


  1. So exciting to be on the first day of your maternity leave! It's all becoming oh-so-real now!! Can't wait to meet the little one xx

    1. It is becoming real indeed! My friend has been telling me off for not resting but I feel like I should be doing stuff! I am sure by next week I will be warming to the rest idea :) xx


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